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#SexySnippets from Gypsy Butterfly @TNScribblers #Paranormal

Welcome to Sexy Snippets. 

Every Sunday you are treated to a snippet of 7 sentences from a published book or work in progress.
Today I have 7 sentences from Gypsy Butterfly, a short story in the Anthology called The Eclipse of the Blood Moon. 

The sight was mesmerizing. Strong, long legs led to a tight ass. His waist was small but then broadened upwards to wide shoulders. As he scrubbed his head, his back muscles tightened and relaxed with the movement of his muscular arms. She stopped, just drinking in the sight. Then he turned, and she gasped. Nali covered her mouth to avoid him hearing her there.

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What's your Titanic dream? #newrelease @jorjalovett

I am delighted to welcome a good friend today, and has she got a tale for you!

Titanic's Ondine – Jorja Lovett

I've always had a fascination with the Titanic. It probably has a lot to do with living so close to Belfast, where she was built. One of the great things about being a writer is you can pick any time, any place in which to set a story, so it was always on the hot list of topics I wanted to cover. As ever, my version of that fateful voyage had to have a paranormal twist, and some superhot sexy times!

Can a water nymph save her true love from the Titanic or are they both doomed forever?
Water nymph Madeleine has spent a lifetime searching for the human she can marry to become mortal. Finally, she finds true love with Joe Marlowe, but the romance is put on hold when he signs up as crew for the Titanic.
Joe never expects to see Maddy on board the ship but she's a welcome sight during the voyage. He knows she's keeping a secret from him but it doesn't diminish his love for her. They have the rest of their lives to discover each other. After an unforgettable night together in the Titanic's indoor pool he knows he's found the woman he wants to marry.
As the liner sails towards its fate, can Madeleine save Joe, and find her happy ever after?

“I find the setting perfect for a romantic affair. Glamorous liners bound for faraway places, carrying young men with fire in their bellies. Why it’s enough to get any young lady’s pulse racing.” She ran a fingertip down his white shirt to distract him from his questioning. That slight contact with the man she loved was enough to start a fiery lust consuming her from the inside out.
“Madeleine—” The ragged manner in which Joe addressed her didn’t sound like a scolding, or an attempt to stop her.
“Shh!” A finger on his lips and a coy smile was all it took for him to discard his gentlemanly manners and let his passion take hold.
He was deceptively masterful in the seduction stakes. His firm lips staked their claim with a series of breath-taking kisses that almost made her mourn the time they had wasted thus far in their chaste courtship.
Crushed against the rough fabric of his jacket—Madeleine’s nipples hardened beneath the thin silk of her green dress—sensitized and begging to be noticed. Joe didn’t disappoint. He traced his thumb over one prominent peak. The simple over-the-clothing contact sent her body into raptures and generated an ache in her loins that she wanted him to remedy.
Her head told her to go carefully. He thought of her as a lady—pure and innocent—and not one to give herself away before her wedding night. But that other, sinful part of her wanted him regardless of the consequences. And that craving won out. She pressed herself closer to him until she was left with no doubt he felt the same. The ridged evidence in his trousers nestled into the skirts of her dress and she couldn’t stop herself from running her hand along the impressive length of him.
She half expected him to back away in shock or disgust. So when he took it one step further by cupping her breast firmly in his hand, her legs all but buckled beneath her. He scooped her breast from her dress, exposing it to the cool April air. Her pussy swelled with need. With each massage he gave her flesh, she came one step closer to nirvana, moaning as the moisture from her arousal soaked her skin and clothes.
Joe backed her away from the main walkway and pinned her against the wall of a ramshackle wooden building, creating a scenario Madeleine wouldn’t have believed  possible. Of course, she imagined her reserved Joe to be a considerate lover, but she hadn’t expected their explosive chemistry to lead them to the point of making love outdoors.
Joe lifted her skirts, skimming his hand along the tops of her stockings, and then grabbed her ass to pull her onto his still imprisoned cock. Driven by mounting impatience, Madeleine reached to undo the buttons of his trousers and take the next step in their relationship.
It turned out to be a step too far. Moments later, the strong arms around her pushed where they once pulled her to him. Joe wrenched his mouth away.
“I’m sorry. Please forgive me,” he pleaded, voice unsteady.
“You have nothing to apologize for,” she told him.
 Except, perhaps, being too chivalrous. One brief encounter with the saviour of her long-lost virtue wasn’t nearly enough, but she dared not raise his suspicions with further unladylike behaviour.
“You deserve more than a rushed fumble by the docks, Maddy. When the time comes, I want it to be something special, a memory to be cherished forever. Though I don’t know how I’ll get through these next weeks without even kissing you again.”
Joe rested his forehead against hers. His was beaded with sweat from the effort of his restraint.
Not on my account, she wanted to scream, but the moment had passed. She adjusted her clothes.
He behaved as though the last ten minutes had not happened and picked up the conversation regarding his departure. But all she wanted to do was move farther into his embrace, make this night last forever.
“Will you wave me off when I leave?”
As much as he deserved a teary farewell, she shook her head. “It’s not my place.”
She wouldn’t encroach on the intimate family moment which accompanied his every journey. That was their time. This was hers.
“Let’s say our goodbyes now.” Madeleine stood on tiptoe to offer up her lips.
This time, Joe’s kiss was a slow exploration mapping out the contours of her lips, as though he were memorizing her taste. That sensuous perusal finally eroded the jaded view she harboured for the male species. Joe didn’t demand, simply took what she willingly gave, and he returned it with love. He respected her, cherished her, and, for the first time in decades, Madeleine let herself trust.

* * * *

Available Now From TotallyBound
General Release 18th April
Author Links:
Or Twitter: @jorjalovett

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One Sip. Flash Fiction Friday #FFF

Welcome to Flasher Fiction Friday. 

Each writer always has a different take on the picture, but can something meaningful be crafted in 100 words? Well that is always the challenge. Here is mine so you be the judge.

One Sip.

One sip was all it would take, and then he would be free. The words wafted to her like an invisible mist, surrounding her in a protective haze of chilly fingers.
"NO! Don't do it!" Oryan screamed at her from somewhere far away.
The amber nectar sparkled in the perfectly crafted glass on the tray before her. Myrena took a deep breath and lifted it to her lips. The liquid sparkled, inviting her to taste. One sip. The concoction was like peach and vanilla, filling her mouth and slipping down her throat. One sip and life began to drift away.

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Excerpt Blog Hop for Conquering Theana #IRMC #EvernightLines @SeurriCity

Welcome to Day 3 of Conquering Theana Blog Hop.

Each day LeTieha and Lillian are sharing a different excerpt of their new book due for release on which is due for release on Friday 21st March. So here is your excerpt for's steamy!


Theana knew the minute they walked in the door. Their scent reached her first, and she was both disgusted and intrigued at the instant reaction of her body. Just their tantalizing scent, Rafael like a cool wind filled with power and deep earth, Gregori like the morning sun and packed snow, made her weak. She'd been having a good time with Tim, really getting to know him and the clan. Seeing the closet full of clothes her mates had prepared for her and feeling like they truly intended to care for her. And she'd known, intellectually, that they would return, that Council meetings never lasted long. She'd always figured all that testosterone and maleness in one room turned them bullheaded after too long and they had to separate. Even knowing that, she wasn't prepared for their appearance. They walked in, looking larger than life. She watched as the wolves, including Tim, surrounded the alpha and beta, getting close, and touching them in random places. The urge to touch, to be accepted, was a wolf trait that none of them had tried to stop.
Gregori and Rafael were careful to touch every wolf in some way and say a word of welcome, before they pushed through the group and stalked to Theana's side. She trembled and cursed at the reaction. But as her pussy moistened and she looked at them she knew she was lost. She saw it in their eyes. The need to mark her, the need to mate with her, together. She could read it. Rafael looked eager, full of desire, and on edge. Gregori looked as if he was about to revisit paradise and couldn't wait for another taste. She stood up hastily, and they moved with her. The room grew deathly quiet around her.
"Don't speak. Walk," Rafael growled, and she thought she would feel rage blazing through her, disbelief that he would command her to do anything. Instead she only felt desire. It started as a slow ache that spiraled from her breasts, hardening her nipples and twisting its way through her body, overshadowing even what she had felt just at their scent. The molten heat spread until her stomach was trembling, her limbs growing loose, and her clit pulsed with each heartbeat. She didn't even realize she'd been moving, as he ordered, backwards, unerringly towards his room, until she hit the wall behind her. She gasped, lifting a shaking hand to her mouth.
"Continue," Gregori ordered, and she moved, her feet turning her, it seemed, on their own as she started towards their room. She smelled Gregori as he moved closer to her and then past her. In a haze she followed his back, watching the muscles contract and flex. His ass was delectable, shifting with each step. He was a beautiful man, built on such strong lines. She salivated, her fangs extending in her mouth as anticipation grew. She couldn't fight this if she wanted to. Her wolf propelled her forward, tantalized by the men she knew were strong enough to have her, to control her. Rafael was behind her, and his scent wrapped around her until she was nearly stumbling her way to their room. How had this happened? Not that long ago she was fighting her attraction to them. She didn't want to be anyone's mate. Then she was flying through the air and wanted to attack Rafael for having a woman's scent on him.
It was the clan, she thought then. Somehow, since coming here for pack cohesion she had seen a different side of her mates. The wolves in her pack were well cared for, close, and loving. Luna had grabbed her heart as surely as if she'd plucked it from her chest and given it to the girl. She could see their closeness, their bond...and she wanted to be a part of it. Wanted to know what it was like, once again, to be a part of a pack, to feel their connection, their closeness to her. Wanted to run with them beneath the moon and howl her release. She wanted to revel in being a wolf, as she denied for so long since leaving Seurri, and Camden, behind. Now, though, things were different. She was back, for the very thing she'd run from, but couldn't break away. In her mind she knew that she would fight this in the morning. It was ingrained in her to run. She just wasn’t ready to take on a relationship that soared beyond mere sex. Yet she was in the midst of mating. Being marked was something she hadn’t bargained on. She would be angry that she had given in, but for now, these next few moments, she would be their mate to share. She could give in to a secret desire she hadn't really ever thought she had: to be mated and know it was what she was meant to be.
I want to be what I never thought I could be, she thought then, and her steps became sure. No longer was she only led by lust, but by emotions that she wasn't quite ready to examine, but wanting to follow nonetheless. She followed them past the kitchen, as they took the stairs off to the right and towards their room. She remained silent as they stepped into the room. Gregori kept going until he stood in front of the bed and then turned. Rafael closed the door before he stepped around her and backed her against it, going to his knees.  
Theana felt like her body was on fire, and she was burning from the flames. Her jeans, that she felt were so comfortable before, were now too tight on her flesh. Her wraparound shirt was an impediment to their touch. She had never dreamed that his touch would feel like this. What had been missing with all her encounters with her other partners was here. The need, the want, the knowledge that this was right. Rafael knelt before her, shirt and suit jacket tossed away as if it weren't a thousand dollar ensemble, his hands gripping her hips and pulling her closer to his face.
"You wore what we bought you. Mine," he rasped, his already deep voice thicker, heavier as he forced the words out. His wolf was so near the surface she could see the gold of his eyes. Beautiful, absolutely breathtaking. A wolf. Her wolf.
"I have never tasted you, but I will today, right now, this moment." He lifted his hand slowly, never breaking eye contact with her, as claws elongated from his nails. Gregori sat down on the bed, and she heard the movement, hyper aware. She heard cloth shifting as he removed his clothes. She looked away from Rafael momentarily and saw that Gregori was watching them as he stripped. It was the first time she had seen his flesh. His chest was a mass of muscles, rippling down to his tapered waist. She licked her lips, moistening them. He smiled slightly as he lifted his hips a little off the bed and pushed his slacks and underwear off. His cock, thick and long, pointed towards her, and she moaned, her eyelids growing heavy. Gregori gripped his cock, pumping with long, sure strokes, his gaze finally leaving hers as he trailed it down her body to where Rafael knelt before her. She looked down as well.
"I think we have your attention now," he whispered and ripped her clothes away. They fell around her in scraps, sliding to the floor. She gasped, her body tightening. Rafael leaned forward and inhaled deeply, his nostrils flaring.
"Delicious," he said, and then licked her up the seam of her legs and up over her mound. Her legs opened of their own volition. He gripped her hips, and it steadied her.
"Good girl," he crooned and bent his head once more. He sucked her clit into his mouth and nipped her lightly before licking the sting away.
"Yes, Rafael," she moaned, pushing her pussy harder against his mouth. He ate at her juices like a man starved for water in the desert. His golden eyes never left her face, low growls rushing over her clit. She leaned back against the wall to brace herself for his onslaught.

Ohhhh HOT! HOT! HOT!

Want to know more? Here's the blurb...

Theana ran from Seurri City, home of the wolf shifters now public to humans, to escape a mating with her childhood friend. She wasn't in the mood for a mate, or the trappings of politics. Then she meets Rafael, alpha of the strongest pack in Seurri, and his beta, Gregori. Suddenly she can't catch her breath, or keep control of her emotions.

Rafael and Gregori refuse to let Theana get in her own way, and the love they could share. Perhaps two men for their feisty mate are definitely better than one. Now to stall the would-be childhood suitor, and stop all out war between the packs—but love is worth fighting for.

Definitely one to watch out for. It releases FRIDAY folks!
Go check it out here: 

Author Links
LeTeisha Newton

Lillian MacKenzie Rhine

We will be with Bethany Kris next! Hope to see you there!

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#SexySnippets from Guardian Possession #Paranormal

Welcome to another Sunday full of Sexy Snippets to keep you hot and bothered!

This week I am giving you a taste of the sequel to Guardian Awakening. This book is called Guardian Possession.

It is Royanne's story, daughter of Romy and Essen. In this excerpt she has an encounter with Zachriel, who you will learn much more about in the book!

Here are your seven sentences.

Fire met ice. She kissed him back with equal force, 

which surprised him. Did this Guardian actually 

want him? Her hands drifted to his hips and he felt 

her grip fight and bring him closer into her. Oh hell, 

she tasted so good. He let his tongue play with her 

lips then dart between them until she parted those 

sweet lips to let his tongue invade her mouth. She

was wet and warm just as he hoped she would be 

when his cock entered her. 

Hope you liked those seven.

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Have fun everyone!

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Protected. Flash Fiction Friday #FFF

                        Welcome to Flasher Fiction Friday.

Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story based on an image. 
Here is my offering - enjoy x


Smooth caramel skin, soft and warm under his touch. She lay sleeping, exhausted after their love making. He smiled to himself as he stroked her round breast, recalling the way she moan when he nibbled, sucked and licked her all over. It had taken him almost a year of building their relationship before she had finally let him see her naked. What the hell had she been afraid of? To him she was sexy with delicious curves. He promised to hold her safe in his hands, protected and far from the harm she had suffered before him. 

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Mistress Most Feared! @DorisO'Connor #newrelease #Giveaway

This is one book I have been looking forward to getting my hands on.
You see, not only is it written by Doris O'Connor, who can write like nobody's business but I LOVE a woman in charge. Scarlett is a Domme like no other...but I won't spoil it for you. Let me hand over to Doris.

Thanks so much for having me here today, Michaela. 
Yesterday saw the release of Auctioned to Protect, book two of The Spectrum Auctions, and I think I've slowly floated back down to earth.
I never thought I'd write a Femdom story, but Scarlett made her presence known in book one and she was such fun to write I needed to give her a story. Especially after it turned out that Mike and her had some serious chemistry going on in book one.
Well, he was rather baffled by her, but also turned on, much to his disgust.
 Mike is a complicated man, and their relationship dynamic is very unique. It was such fun to bring the tough undercover cop to his knees, emotionally and physically. Mike does not submit easily or gracefully, and he only does so to Scarlett.
These two need each other and together they heat up the pages and go on an intensely emotional journey that made me cry buckets when I was writing it.
So, have a glass of water, a fan and a box of tissues at the ready when you read their story. You might just need all three. 

[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, voyeurism, shibari, cropping, knife play, sex toys, HEA]

Tough undercover cop Mike Anderson does not submit to anyone, let alone a pint-size bundle of curves with a Mistress complex, who stands for everything he despises about BDSM. Thrown into a world where the rules make no sense to him, he has to rely on his instincts, and they all scream one thing—submit to His Lady.

Scarlett Simpson is one of the most feared Mistresses at Club Spectrum, and she has a score to settle. Mike's atrocious behavior needs addressing. If only she wasn't so attracted to the big hunk of a man, and he didn't prove so utterly responsive. As she explores his boundaries through Shibari and knife play, Scarlett can't help but get emotionally involved.

Submission freely given is a gift she treasures, but can she trust Mike to stay around once the case is over? When danger comes knocking, will Mike be able to protect her, or will this end in tragedy?

Adult Excerpt:
“Fuck, you feel so damn good around my dick, Scarlett. Look at us. Look how I stretch your tight hole. Jesus, baby, tell me this is as freaking good for you as it is for me.”
Scarlett dug her finger nails into his shoulders in answer and clenched around him, and Mike roared. He pulled out and thrust back in again, ramming her into the wall, as she hung on for dear life. Pain mixed with pleasure so intense she couldn’t breathe, couldn’t talk, just hung onto his big shoulders and took all the passion he gave her.
Here was a man brutally taking his own pleasure and sending her body sky high in the process. When he pulled out of her and dragged her over to the sink, Scarlett bit her lip so hard she tasted blood. Mike kicked her legs apart and then slammed back into her from behind. This position drove him deeper than before and when he reached around and stimulated her clit at the same time, Scarlett saw stars. Her whole body tightened in ever closer spirals of pleasure that started from deep inside her core. Impaled by his hot member, his harsh breath in her ear, one hand digging into her hips, the other mercilessly fingering her swollen clit, he pushed her toward a mind-splintering release. Higher and higher she climbed, and when Mike grasped one of her legs and shoved it over the edge of the sink, the move sent her over the edge.
He yanked her torso up and pulled it up against his chest, allowing him to sink deeper still into the clasp of her body. Ripples and waves of pleasure crashed over Scarlett, and she let her head fall back and gave herself up to the sensation rocking her body as Mike increased his tempo even more. Every forceful thrust lifted her off her toes, and Scarlett came a second time, or was it the third. Sensations merged into one, fire raced over her skin, and she screamed his name when he grew bigger still inside her and then grunted his release into her shoulder, and warmth spread deep inside her.
Mike lowered her leg with them both still joined as intimately as two people could be, and he locked his arms next to hers on the sink. By the time her breathing had slowed down enough to speak and her hazy vision cleared, Mike was slowly slipping out of her. She tightened her muscles to keep him in for longer and he groaned and rubbed his morning stubble across her neck. It left delicious tingles in its wake and Scarlett moaned her contentment.
Their gazes locked in the mirror and Mike smiled. Scarlett’s heart turned over in her chest at the open affection she saw in his azure eyes that seemed to bore straight into her very soul.
“Good morning, My Lady. I guess this beats coffee first thing.”

* * * *

She was so fucking beautiful, staring back at him with her huge green eyes, and her fair skin flushed from the force of her orgasms. A primitive sense of ownership grabbed him by the throat and squeezed the breath out of him, and he shut his eyes and nuzzled into the soft skin of her neck. A shudder went through her when he licked the rapidly beating pulse point and nibbled his way up to her ear. Scarlett ground her ass against his thigh and he groaned into her neck.
“You’re so fucking wet for me, baby.”
Scarlett turned around in his arms and gasped when he sat her on the edge of the sink and spread her legs wide. He dropped on his knees and inhaled against her wet slit. Scarlett’s intoxicating musk mixed with his own scent and he watched in fascination as their combined juices slowly trickled out of her pink flesh.
His cock signaled its interest briefly and Scarlett smiled down on him when he looked up.
“Have I broken you?” she whispered.
Mike laughed.
“Hardly, My Lady. Give me five and we’ll be ready to go again. In the meantime…”
He bent his head and delivered butterfly kisses along the incredibly soft skin of her inner thighs. It was one of Mike’s favorite places to linger on any woman, especially just after they’d come. Hot, sweet, and intimate, it called him to indulge, and he blew against her slit, causing an allover body shiver, as her clit contracted in front of his eyes.
“Mike, please… I’m so close again… Oh…yeees.”
It was all the encouragement he needed. Using short shallow strokes he cleaned her cunt, until no traces of their earlier encounter remained. He rubbed his beard-roughened chin across her clit, and placed her legs over his shoulder when she started to tremble. Scarlett’s fingers dug into his shoulders, and she pushed her hips up in a seeming effort to hurry him along, but Mike had his own plans.
He’d been far too rough on her earlier, regardless of how much she had been with him in the moment. Regardless of how much she seemed to have needed that brutal release. Besides he was fast getting addicted to the needy little moans and sighs she couldn’t stop from escaping. The way her fingernails scored his skin and her breaths grew choppier until her body tensed and her pussy clenched and unclenched, trying to draw in his tongue as her cream gushed into his waiting mouth.
He tunneled his fingers into her channel and her greedy little cunt clamped down on the digits, as she came in a series of delightful little tremors. Mike pulled out his wet digits and gathering up more of her cream as he went along, circled her anus and pushed in.
“Yes, there, take me there.”
Scarlett clawed at his skin and his semi hard dick roared into action. He added another finger to stretch her, and Scarlett bucked against him like a wild thing.
“Easy, baby, I’ve got you. I’ll make this so fucking good for you.”

You can read the entire first chapter on my blog here, and there's also a chance to win a copy of book one of the series, or a book from my back list. Winner's choice!
Author Bio:
Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris... at least that's what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to toddler and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies, and one very understanding and supportive husband. Domestic goddess she is not.
There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her characters tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps.
She likes to spin sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get. From contemporary to paranormal, BDSM to F/F, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.
Stalking Links

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#SexySnippets #GuardianAwakening @TNScribblers

Hello Stranger....I hear you say. Well it has been a while....a LONG while.
My dry spell has turned into a whole year drought. So to inspire myself, I thought I would take a look through books I have written and see if it encourages me to start something new.
You see at the moment I have this...I CAN'T write thing going on in my head. My muse is missing! I will be whipping his ass when he returns!

So let's start with Guardian Awakening.

The beat kicked in, and Romy dropped her hip to the right, stepped back, and dropped her hip to the left. She swung round with her hands on her breasts, eyes half-closed, and really got into it. The music took over; she gyrated her hips toward him, and she slid her hands up and down her body. She wove her body back around to him and bent forward, giving him a great view of her ass as she brought her hands up to separate her cheeks and quickly let go. Spinning around again, she bounced to the music, knowing her breasts were the star of the show for this bit. She let her hands wander between her legs and into her black panties before moving her hand out and pinging the elastic. The whole time she maintained as much eye contact as she could.

Hope you like that snippet!

If you're interested in reading more, then have a look at the Breathless Press website or your local eBooks store.


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Remembrance. Flash Fiction Friday. #FFF

                                           Welcome to the Flasher Fiction Friday.

Friday Flashers have 100 words to tell a story based on an image. Here is my offering - enjoy x


Feather light kisses showered her neck, cooling the fire building in her. A grip so tight that spoke of possession and need.

"You are my desire," his warm breathe caressed her over sensitized skin.

Hands demanded, wanting and needing. Not to satisfy his desire but to worship her like a precious jewel. She lay there on the table for him to pleasure again and again, giving her body to him without holding anything back.

Only now, as she glanced at the table, all she saw was memories of the time when she was truly alive rather than just existing.

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