Sunday, 31 March 2013

#SexySnippets from The Nuthouse Scribblers

Welcome to another delicious Sunday of Sexy Snippets.

This week I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited.

The first ever story I wrote is being released on FRIDAY!!!!

It is part of the third book in The Blood Bar Chronicles that WE as The Nuthouse Scribblers wrote! (published by Breathless Press)

Book 1 The Alphas and Book 2 The Protectors are all available already so why not check them out.

Here is our cover and I must say I sure do love that man!

Sexy Snippet at the ready!

"Kyla, listen to me. We need to talk." His voice was insistent.
She opened her eyes, hearing him, but not listening. Her hands reached out on their own accord, and her fingertips brushed his chest, gliding over his nipples and travelling down. Her brain fought the instinct to touch, yet her body ached to touch him.
"Oh God, you're killing me here!" Logan growled.

Here is the Blurb of my story called Logan's Captive.

Meeting Logan at The Blood Bar revealed more about Kyla than she ever thought possible. Can she cope with the new person that emerges?

Guess what? It is already up on Breathless Press and All Romance eBooks.
Here's the links for you to go check them out:

Breathless Press

All Romance Ebooks

I will leave you with the other yummy  covers!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Welcome Aboard to Elyzabeth M Valey

Thank you, Michaela for having me today!

Hi everyone, I’m here to tell you about my latest release, Welcome Aboard, a short story that belongs to Evernight Publisher’s Romance on the Go line. These stories are meant to be read during work breaks, on the bus, in the waiting room, or right before bed. Personally, I think they’re a great way to get your romance/erotic fix.*wink*

Now, let me introduce you to Julie, the main character of Welcome Aboard. She’s on vacation and she’s ready to have some fun, reading, lazing about, having sex and eating whatever she wants. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in daily life that we forget to enjoy the good stuff out there, and food is one of those things.

You don’t really have to be on holiday to eat special treats, any day is good but things taste different on vacation. Not only that, but food can be a lot of fun: chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate body paint… (yes, I have a thing for chocolate, *grin*)

Writing about food can be even more fun, especially, when like Julie, you think you’re eating an ordinary white chocolate filled donut, but the guy that’s watching you is thinking something else entirely…

He groaned and closed his eyes. “I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only guy watching you eat that sweet, with the thick white cream clinging to your lips with every bite.”

What about you, is there anything you like to eat during your time off?   


Julie is on vacation! After months of breaking her back at the office she’s ready for a weekend of absolute relaxation: a little reading, good food and some lazing at the beach are her idea of a perfect plan. However, when a handsome man with a sexy smile and naughty accent takes the seat next to hers on the train she’ll enter a wicked ride of passion and delight that will blow her mind and body away.  

Buy Links:


“We’re on a train,” she hissed, gesticulating wildly.

William laughed, the lines on his forehead vanishing.

“I noticed.” He lifted the armrest and placed his hand on her thigh again. Julie bit back an unwanted moan.  “What you failed to have seen, my sweet, is that we’re the only ones in this particular wagon.” He smiled smugly, drumming her thighs in a rhythm that almost had her lifting her hips.

Julie huffed. Yes, her body was weak with desire but she wouldn’t back down so easily.

“It’s a public space.”

“And doesn’t that excite you?” William asked, grasping her flesh, his fingers digging into her skin pleasurably.

Julie’s thoughts scattered. This was crazy. Out right crazy. She wasn’t a one-night-stand kind of girl. Sex in public had been out of the question, and yet—

She observed William. He was impassive, waiting for her resolution while toying with her lust. She shook her head. They could get caught. There could be cameras on the train and it was illegal.

“It’s illegal!” she blurted as the tips of his exploring fingers brushed against her sex.


Grasping a strand of her hair between thumb and forefinger, he caressed it before neatly placing it behind her ear, brushing his thumb over the shell.

“It’s only illegal if we get caught, my sweet. I have no intention of allowing that.”


His brown eyes bore into hers, the desire swirling in them making her weak at the knees.
“You want to, Julie. I know you do.”

“How?” She cried out the question as he finally pried his way underneath her jeans, resting his fingers above her soaking panties.

“For one, you’ve been squirming in that chair, a lot.” He smiled at her obvious discomfort. “Then,” he murmured, rubbing his finger over her swollen nether lips. “You’re dripping wet. If I wanted to, if you wanted to, I could probably slide this finger inside you without any restraint whatsoever. Maybe even two.”

This was so wrong. His scorching eyes begged her to accept the challenge. Julie bit down on her lip. She couldn’t say yes, not here.

“Tell me you want to, Julie.”

William’s finger found its way under the elastic of her thong. A moan became lodged in her throat as he touched her, learning the wet contours of her cunt with a single digit. 

She hesitated. Did she want to? Did she really want to do this crazy thing? The tip of his finger hovered over her entrance, daring her to accept.

“Say yes, Julie.” His gaze was heated, his breath as shallow as hers.

She wanted this. Damned be it all, she wanted William’s fingers deep inside her pussy. She wanted the dazzling pleasure, the relief to the unrelenting throbbing between her legs. The realization of what she was about to do spiked her desire and cut off her ability to speak. Opening her legs wider, she smiled shakily. William’s lips parted slightly, his gaze fierce as he pushed a finger inside her. Julie reclined against her seat. Her eyes fluttered shut and she whimpered as another thick digit joined the first. She responded to him. He was her master puppeteer and she was his puppet, rolling her hips with every thrust.
“You want more?” he murmured, his lips hovering over hers.

Julie opened her eyes. William regarded her, his long lashes framing deep eyes that she couldn’t help thinking belonged to a poet at heart.

“Yes,” she whispered, closing the distance. Soft and compliant, she mewled her approval, as she tasted him. Her fear had vanished and left behind an ardor that required urgent appeasing. William grunted into her mouth as she teased his bottom lip, nipping at the full bow with relish. Tilting his head to the side, he swept his tongue over the seams of her mouth in a request for entrance. She granted it readily, taking in his tongue with a desperate hunger that rivaled his as they tangled.

He was relentless, his fingers toying with her sex even as he kissed her. In and out, the thick digits of his left hand pumped into her slowly. It was a delicious torture that only succeeded in making her hotter and more desperate for what was to come.

Author Bio:

Defined as weird since she was about eight, Elyzabeth honors the title by making up songs about her chores, doodling stars and flowers on any blank sheet of paper and talking to her dog whenever he feigns interest.
Losing the battle to the voices in her head is her favorite pastime after annoying her younger sister with her singing. Writing stories full of passion and emotion where love conquers all is her happy pill and she'll forgo sleep to make her readers live the dream.

Contact Links:

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Book Spotlight: Burn with Me by Christle Gray.

Thanks for having me on your blog today! I’m super excited to have the chance to share my latest story and first foray into the sci-fi romance genre, Burn With Me. As many of my stories, the creation of the Sun Whisperers came about during a bout of insomnia, my muse keeping me awake with her ramblings. (She does that a lot). Draco Taralundar was born, a lonely, fiery angel as old as the universe, finding salvation on a somewhat primitive planet as he fights to make sense of his place in the grand scheme of things. Burn With Me is the first in what I hope to be a trilogy, so enjoy! (I have to get busy on the next one…)

Available from Evernight Publishing!

Buy Link:

     Maddelyn Sowers and her niece, Serra, struggle daily to survive. Their once beautiful home has been devastated by a race of alien warriors called the Raknorg, who have stripped the planet of its resources, and unleashed a deadly sickness that is slowly killing the population. Inexplicably immune from the disease, Maddelyn has witnessed her family members and friends die, young Serra next on the disease's list. Their world is shaken even further when a mysterious stranger literally falls from the sky one night. Though his presence puts them in danger, Maddelyn can't refuse the plea for help in his golden eyes. Draco Taralundar claims to be a Sun Whisperer, the last of an ancient race descended from the sun. Maddelyn has difficulty reconciling the handsome man with the fantastic tales of her youth, but his capacity for healing and wielding the powers of fire are hard to ignore, renewing her hope for the first time in years. But will the fire that burns deep within his soul save what's left of her heart, or consume them both? 

Excerpt #1:
Maddelyn inhaled deeply. Here goes. “What I mean, Draco Taralundar, is that I know what and who you must be, even if it is a complete impossibility for it to be true.”
“Is that so?” Draco’s words were ripe with skepticism.
Maddelyn nodded, her breath coming faster as she stayed mesmerized by his amber gaze.
“Then say it, Maddelyn Sowers. Say what you believe me to be—this paradox of impossibility that you are convinced I am.” He tilted his head to the side, his blond hair brushing his shoulder as he waited for her to accept his challenge.
Maddelyn felt her heart quicken with his dare, thumping wildly in her chest. Suddenly, she felt utterly foolish for thinking she knew this man’s story, being confronted with the reality of it. She shook her head from side to side, unwilling to follow through with her suspicions. “Never mind.  I was mistaken.”
She moved to stand, but Draco caught her wrist and pulled her back to sit on the bed. His fingers were gentle, but firm, as they encircled her wrist. And the heat from his touch was even more intense than it had been last night. A ring of heat that made her hand tingle, the sensation spreading throughout her body, leaving her breathless and aroused.
“I want to hear you say it.” His voice had grown low and seductive, gliding along her skin like a caress. His eyes glowed even more brightly as Maddelyn searched frantically for her own voice, the sparks going off all along her skin quite the distraction.
“Sun Whisperer.” The words came out as a low rasp, so faint Maddelyn wasn’t even sure she had spoken aloud at all.

Author Bio:
Christle Gray was born and raised in Ohio, but lives in Kentucky with her husband and one frisky black cat. She's a Gemini, which means she's of two minds about everything, and has more projects in progress than she can ever hope to complete in one lifetime. Her interests vary as widely as her opinions, and she's in no short supply of either. Just go ahead and ask. One of the many voices yammering on in her head is bound to answer.

Here are the places to Stalk Christle:

Evernight Publishing:

Monday, 25 March 2013

Personal Journey.

This weekend I spent the weekend with some women I love. You have heard me refer to them as the ladies of UCW and we blog as The Nuthouse Scribblers.

They are an amazing bunch, all of whom are different and bring something special to the group. This time we were joined by June, who is a unique individual and you will hear more about her anther time. The weekend was full of laughter, love and for me it was another step on in my journey.
I took the photo whilst on a walk near Raven McAllan's house. I like the way it goes off into the woods. It is hard to see where the path goes, so in a way it is a mystery. The eye can only see so far, it looks as though it stops or goes nowhere.  Almost daring you to follow the path to where it might lead you. Only the brave will follow and discover what the journey holds. 
You see my writing is a journey for me. Something I really want to do. It is not all plain sailing for me. There are highs and lows, people who support me and those who don't. 
It is great to hear stories about how supportive friends or families of my fellow writer's are, I love that. But it also hurts because not everyone in my life is like that. 
Does it matter? Yes and No. Yes because I want to share this journey with everyone who matters in my life. No because I am doing this for me, to explore my creative sides or develop, learn and be free to be me.

So every so often I am going to tell you more about my Personal Journey. You might be interested or you might not. You may want to comment or you may not - it's up to you. 

Or why not hit the like button at the top of the page?

In  the mean time, thanks for reading.

Micky x

Sunday, 24 March 2013

#SexySnippets from The Nuthouse Scribblers.

Good Morning and welcome to Sexy Snippets!

I am so excited because at long last I the first thing I ever wrote will be published soon by Breathless Press...(5th April)
The Blood Bar Chronicles Book 3: The Enforcers is coming to an eBook store near you!
Have a look at the sexy cover...

Isn't he delicious!
So this is an anthology that was planned and written by The Nuthouse Scribblers - our first collaborative project!
Book 1 and 2 are already out.

Here is the tagline.

When the Wicked Ladies of Fiction meet up in a Scottish bar they don’t expect a night filled with danger, lust and hot supernatural men…

My story is called Logan's Captive.
Here is the blurb!

Meeting Logan at The Blood Bar revealed more about Kyla than she ever thought possible. Can she cope with the new person that emerges?

Ready for your 7 sentences?

Kyla snuggled into the pillow, enjoying the feast of powerful man in front of her. Logan reached to open the curtains and the morning light shone in. Kyla sighed at the sight of him, letting her eyes drink him up, his wide muscular shoulder, and a hard six-pack, leading to tapered hips. Her gaze followed down. His jogging bottoms were low on hips she would love to wrap her legs around. Suddenly, her mouth was dry and she found it hard to swallow. Her mind raced with images of her hands gliding over his arms, palms on his hard chest traveling to what lay under his jogging bottoms.

Hope you enjoyed that little taste. I will keep you posted for more news!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Double Delight from Raven McAllan #Giveaway #newrelease

My head is a spinning (and not just from my head cold and chest infection…yeah I know, excuses, excuses), it's been a hectic month. Fabulous but hectic.
Why you ask? Okay you're probably not asking. In fact I can see three of you making coffee, one pouring wine and yuk, one of you picking your nose.
Stop that right now. Nasty.
 Where was I? Oh yes, my hectic month. That's because I have something out once a week for four weeks. A story in two antho's…Serviced and Hot Flashes, A short story, Will You Dance Miss Laurence?, and a novella, A Rose Between The Thornes. Phew.
Now I'm in no way complaining, in fact I'm over the moon. I love the day a book comes out. When I can download it onto my eReader and smirk. Do the silly stroke of the cover and grin inside because it's mine. I get a gooey smile on my face and keep looking at it. I wrote that, and someone thought it was good enough to spend time and money on it and publish it. That is an awesome feeling.
Michaela was good enough to let me come and tell you a wee bit about the last two, and to celebrate, I'll give a commenter their choice of one of this months offerings…
 As Sadly I'm having trouble seeing the keyboard, I'm going to leave you with the blurbs from  'Miss. L', and 'Rose'. You can find the other two (and 'Rose') on and 'Miss. L' on and all the excerpts are there. sorry to cut and run, but you don't want my lurgy do you?

Will You Dance Miss Laurence
Dancing lessons were supposed to be fun, but who ever heard of attending them without your knickers on?
Shibari Master Ryan is intrigued by Ava, so when his cousin asks a favor, he is only too happy to help Ava out of the rut she says she is in.
Will her past allow her to enjoy his bondage, or will true submission prove a step too much?
A Rose Between The Thornes
Propriety is a lonely bedfellow, until twin delights show this lady her true desires.
At three and forty Rose Sophia, Lady Symonds has resigned herself to life passing her by. Overhearing her protégée in the throes of passion with not one but two lovers, leaves her wanting and wishing.
That is until she is accosted at a ball by Jasper and Nathaniel Thorne. Newly back in the county the eccentric and much younger twins, have set their sights on Rose, and they are determined to have her, even it means cheating at cards.
Will accepting their wager free Rose and lead her to the heights of passion she craves? Or will their desired drive her away?
Here's the links        (my page)            (author page)

Happy Reading
Love R x

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Welcome to Isabella Olivia Ellis.

Come on in, pull up a chair and meet a new book.

Today I have Isabella Olivia Ellis and her new book Becoming His Little One, publsihed by Evernight Publishing.

Ready for the blurb?

Carolyn is a plain divorcee living a plain life. Though her sexual experiences have all been vanilla, she is drawn to the submissive aspect of BDSM. In the multi-player online world of Other Existence, she finds an outlet for this. It is there that she meets Dave, an older Air Force lieutenant colonel, who turns out to be her dominant counterpart. After weeks of chats in which they share their deepest desires, the two meet in real life and a match made in BDSM heaven is born.
 As their relationship develops, she discovers the tenderness and emotion that complements the lifestyle. There are whips and spreader bars, but also loving massages afterward. When Dave is suddenly torn away from her by his duty to his country, it is up to Carolyn to decide if the love they've found is worth the fight to keep it.

Enticing isn't is a little bite...

His bedroom was heavy on the manly accents. The walls were a hunter green with brown trim, and the furniture was made to look like hand-hewn wood. The bed was neatly made with a flannel set of sheets and matching comforter.
He brushed past her, saying, “Make yourself at home.” Then he disappeared into what she guessed was the en-suite bathroom.
When he didn’t close the door and instead hunched down to open the cabinet under the sink, Carolyn assumed he must be finding a condom for later. Part of her wanted to feel insulted that he had assumed they would have sex, but a larger part of her felt a thrill at his assertiveness.
He returned from the bathroom, tossed the condom onto the nightstand, and stood in front of her with his hands on hips. “Understand this, little one. When I snap my fingers, you suck my cock. When I clap my hands, you lick my balls. Got it?”
            Carolyn nodded, aching to begin the tasks assigned to her, but Dave narrowed his eyes at her.
            “You’re already making mistakes. You're too smart for that, Carolyn. And I know this because I would never accept any less from someone I would have as my Little One. You answer any command I give you with ‘yes sir’. Spoken or non-spoken.” He growled.
            “Yes, sir.” She replied, not missing a beat.
            He smiled coldly. “That’s better.”  With deliberate, yet impatient moves, Dave unbuttoned the fly of his jeans and pushed them down his thighs. Then, he gave a sharp clap of his hands.
            “Yes, sir.” Carolyn lowered herself to her knees. Working the jeans down his thighs, she pushed them far enough down for him to step out and kick them to the side. His cock was clearly straining against his navy blue boxer briefs, and she leaned forward to kiss him through the fabric. She felt him pulsate through the cotton.
Dave let out a lustful hiss, but then pushed her away by her shoulders.
Confused, she looked up at him.
Smiling deviously, he said, "Wait here. Just like that. This fun can wait for another time. I have something else in mind, and I am too impatient after talking about it for so long."
And she did, kneeling with her palms resting on her knees.
After a few minutes, Dave reappeared with a thin steel rod with a cuff on each end.
            Despite herself and the scenario, Carolyn gasped. "What is that thing?"      
            He knelt at her feet, pausing to adjust the length of the bar. "It's a spreader bar, Little One. You've never seen one?"      
            "I have never even heard of that."     
            "Well, we are certainly going to have some fun then, Little One. Turn around and face the bed. Spread your legs a little farther apart. That's good, now straighten your knee. Good." He wrapped a cuff around both of her ankles, then something clicked and Carolyn assumed the bar had locked into place.
Her legs were just slightly wider than what would normally be comfortable, but she didn't make a peep of complaint.
Dave left the room once more and returned with a pair of handcuffs and a black leather flogger. He tossed the latter to the floor, and then without gentleness, he jerked her arms behind her back and cuffed her wrists together.
            There she was, vulnerable before him. She felt exposed being bent forward over the bed with her arms cuffed behind her. She had no way of supporting herself, so she let gravity take over and sank into the bed, her ass still up in the air and ready for the taking.
With a jerk, Dave pulled her dress up over her ass to rest bunched up around her waist. The air kissed her bare skin as he shifted behind her. "Mmm. No panties. You listen well, Little One," Dave whispered, his hands beginning to skim and stroke along her ass and thighs.
            "Yes, Sir." She replied, trying not to push herself at him in impatience as his movements began to heighten her senses.
            His hands left her for a moment, and she heard him pull his briefs off. This was confirmed when the head of his cock brushed against her as he reached down for the flogger. Then she heard him step backward.
            The flogger snapped through the air as Dave brought it up and back and forth, over and over, each time getting closer and closer to where Carolyn's sensitive ass lay exposed.
Each crack caused her breath to heighten. She could scarcely even hear the sound of the flogger over the pounding of her heart.
            "I am going to flog you, Little One. Flog that luscious, tasty ass of yours until it is inflamed and engorged, and then I am going to fuck it. What does my Little One think of that?"

Hmmm I am off to check it out. Why not join me?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

#SexySnippets from The Nuthouse Scribblers

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all and welcome to another Sunday of Sexy Snippets from The Nuthouse Scribblers.

This week I am giving you a taste on a new piece, well actually a follow on book to Guardian Awakening. This book is called Guardian Possession and I hope it come to a publisher near you soon! (Fingers Crossed)
It is Royanne's story, daughter of Romy and Essen. In this excerpt she has an encounter with Zachriel, who you will learn much more about in the book!

Here are your seven sentences.

Fire met ice. She kissed him back with equal force, which surprised him. Did this Guardian actually want him? Her hands drifted to his hips and he felt her grip fight and bring him closer into her. Oh hell, she tasted so good. He let his tongue play with her lips then dart between them until she parted those sweet lips to let his tongue invade her mouth. She was wet and warm just as he hoped she would be when his cock entered her. 

Hope you liked those seven. I am hoping the publisher does too! Will let you know what they say when I find out!

In the meantime you might want to read the first book in the series and here it is.


Breathless Press:

All Romance eBooks:

Have fun everyone!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Lucky in Love Blog Hop. #LuckyHop

Lucky in Love? Well, are you? It's a time of luck and wealth...or not. With each romance we find ourselves in a new world of love and memories. Are these just by chance? Is it luck? Welcome to your second annual Lucky in Love Blog Hop where we want to hear about your love, your romance, and how much you love St. Patrick's Day!!! Are you wearing green? Ready to get pinched...or you like that?

Almost 300 bloggers have giveaways and posts about those men or women we love! 

So what can you win here. Well February has been a busy month with TWO releases.
Guardian Awakening published by Breathless Press and Truth or Dare published by Evernight Publishing.

They have two very different covers and here they are with the blurbs.

Blurb for Guardian Awakening:
When a runaway meets a Guardian out for revenge, two worlds collide. Can love conquer all, or is their relationship doomed before it even started?

Here are the BUY LINKS:

Blurb for Truth or Dare.
Two friends, Leah and Jess have kept things strictly business, until one drunken dare leads them to discover unbelievable passion. But in the cold light of day things seem different. Can two friends face the truth and find happiness?

Here are the BUY LINKS:

One lucky blog Hopper has a chance to a book of their choice all you have to do is:
Follow this blog 
Tell me about your lucky in love moment.

But that's not all....

We have TWO grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!

Now what are those prizes?

1st Grand Prize: A $100 Amazon or B&N Gift Card
2nd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more!
(Everything but the Swag bag is available for International Shipping)

So why not Hop Along to the other blogs for a chance to grab some great prizes!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Do you need Satisfaction Guaranteed? #newrelease #evernightpublishing

I am happy today because Doris O'Connor is with me with Mr SG! If you have not met him you MUST! Go check out her free read with Evernight Publishing right now and you'll want more of him in your life! She decided to turn her free read into a series and I am so glad she did. Her she is with Mr Satisfaction Guaranteed - Natasha!

Here she is to tell us more!

When I wrote the original Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed I thought to myself, "Hmm, this would make a good series." However, busy with other things I shelved that idea for the time being, until I woke up one morning with my heroine for this story in my head.
Natasha literally stumbled into my head in much the same way as she stumbles into the hotel foyer. Slightly—scratch that—extremely nervous at meeting this Mr. SG, she also knows that she needs to do something to feel like a woman. Reconstructive surgery has left her with scars inside and out, and at least with him, she knows he won't run away screaming, when he sees them—right?
As SG helps her to face her demons and fulfills her fantasies, can they ever be more than just client and escort?
I leave you with a hot little excerpt…
Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed, the card said – what a pretentious name for an escort.
Still, cancer survivor Natasha has to do something to reclaim her sexuality after her reconstructive surgery, and he comes highly recommended, by her mother no less.
When she meets the experienced Dom, he makes every submissive bone in her body sing, and wish for things that can never be. Or can they? Fantasy fulfillment is all well and good, but she is just another client.
As they test all of her boundaries, will their one night heal her, or break her?

"I want you to play, pet. Play, or safe word out. Those are your two options. I suggest you use them wisely."
The pressure on her shoulders increased, just enough to get slightly painful, and she took a deep breath. She could do this. She wanted to really. She ran her fingers over the keys, the movement so familiar, yet strange after all this time, and she shut her eyes.
Something haunting he'd said. How very fitting. Without any conscious thought on her part, her fingers flew, and she lost herself in the music. Tears gathered and dropped on her hands, yet still she played, her body swaying with the music. By the time the last few notes of Chopin's Nocturne in E minor had drifted off into the ether, she felt at peace. Natasha floated on the high that playing the piano had used to give her all the time, before her cancer treatment had blown up her fingers and made playing impossible. She acknowledged the thought, but caught in her bubble of happiness and achievement, it did not have the power to hurt her just then.
When she opened her eyes, it was to find SG watching her. Heat rose in her cheeks, and her cunt clamped when she realized what she was witnessing.
He was leaning against the piano, his legs spread wide, and Jonas was giving him head. She sucked in a breath and hastily pulled her eyes back up to SG's face. He smiled at her, and against her better judgment her gaze darted downwards. Jonas chose that moment to come up for air, and her clit clenched in need when she got her first proper view of SG's cock. Slick from Jonas's mouth it glistened and quivered. Jonas put one hand on SG's thigh and grasped the other man's heavy ball sac with the other. Jonas squeezed and then sucked one testicle into his mouth. SG's groan of pleasure made her breathing hitch. She shouldn’t be witnessing this moment, but she couldn't drag her gaze away either as Jonas ran his hand up and down SG's huge cock. Pre-cum leaked on his fingers, the scent of sex heavy in the air, and Natasha licked her lips. She could almost taste the spicy, salty essence in the air. SG groaned again, the sound so low and sexy, moisture trickled past her pussy lips and onto her thighs.
Who'd have thought that watching two men in action would be such a turn on, let alone that SG would actually give her that particular fantasy. She could feel his gaze on her face, on her breasts and lower, scorching her skin as though he was running his hands over her sweat slicked flesh.
"Touch yourself for me while you watch, pet. You know you want to. But do not come without my permission. "
Natasha balled her hands into fists, horrified to see them in her lap. She seemed to have spread her legs wide, too, giving SG, and Jonas for that matter, should he chose to look across, a perfect view of her wet cunt. She should have been mortified, but instead white hot arousal coursed through her veins. Her breathing grew heavy in tune with the men, and she ran her fingers through her wet slit. A moan escaped her lips, as the familiar tingles started. Circling her clit, she felt it swell under her fingertip, just as SG's cock swelled and pulsed. Jonas set to work in earnest, and SG grabbed the younger man's hair and started to fuck his mouth. Faster and harder they all worked together, to reach the pinnacle. Her fingers fell away as SG came with a roar of completion, and Jonas's throat worked overtime swallowing down his seed. She was so close, so goddamn close, but he hadn’t given her permission to come, and she couldn't push herself over that cliff without it, she just couldn't.
So she stopped, not daring to move, as the cool air on her swollen folds alone started the familiar tingles of bliss. She bit her lip, and dug her hands into the leather of the piano chair. Perspiration broke out all over her body, but somehow she staved off the impending orgasm.
By the time she had herself back under control, Jonas had finished licking SG clean. He pulled the younger man up by his hair and the rough kiss that followed between them had Natasha teetering on the brink again. 
Jonas was flushed and breathing so heavily his pants filled the still room when SG broke the kiss. The outline of his erect cock was clearly visible through his fitted trousers, and Jonas groaned when SG took him into a firm grip through the fabric.
"Want to help our boy out here, my pet? I think he deserves a treat, don't you? And as you've been such a good girl you deserve one, too. Jonas here does wonders with his tongue." He patted Jonas's head, and the young man colored and bowed his head in submission.
Natasha couldn't tear her eyes away from the outline of that erection, and SG chuckled. He released Jonas who immediately resumed his previous position on the floor. SG pulled Natasha to her feet so roughly that she would have stumbled, had he not picked her up and set her on the piano. The keys clanged as her feet settled on them. Natasha winced at the sound, before his mouth came down hard on hers and she forgot to think altogether. He tasted just as she imagined he would, raw, masculine, earthy, with just a hint of Jonas's scent still clinging to his firm lips. He shifted, and another set of hands spread her thighs wide, before an extremely skillful tongue delved into her channel, and she screamed into the kiss SG gave her.
He broke the kiss and smiled at her, the warm approval in his eyes her undoing.
Mr. Satisfaction Guaranteed—Natasha releases March 13th through Evernight Publishing

Author Bio:
Glutton for punishment would be a good description for Doris... at least that's what she hears on an almost daily basis when people find out that she has a brood of nine children, ranging from adult to toddler and lives happily in a far too small house, cluttered with children, pets, dust bunnies, and one very understanding and supportive husband. Domestic goddess she is not.
There is always something better to do after all, like working on the latest manuscript and trying not to scare the locals even more than usual by talking out loud to the voices in her head. Her characters tend to be pretty insistent to get their stories told, and you will find Doris burning the midnight oil on a regular basis. Only time to get any peace and quiet and besides, sleep is for wimps.
She likes to spin sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get. From contemporary to paranormal, BDSM to F/F, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.