Thursday, 7 March 2013

Welcome to Leona Bushman

Today I have a real treat for you! An author with not only one new book but TWO!. Oh Wow, both are so tatsy too! You're gonna love them!
So welcome to Leona Bushman and over to you!

Hi ;) I have just had a first for me—two releases on the same day! Thankfully, they were both anthologies, so I'm not the only one working on getting the exposure! It's wonderful and a good incentive to keep writing.

You mean there's a question? You might ask, and legitimately so as I've started a SERIES. There's always a question, even when there's not. So much goes into writing—heart, soul, mind, body—and sometimes, if one or all of those just aren't that into it, you may not be able to do what you want.

I'm writing lovely things. Wonderful things. Lovely things. Sigh. I'm writing and hoping like hell that people like it when it comes out. One thing I learned in writing the series, there's a new fear. Yes, a NEW fear on top of all the rest we writers have. Now, I'm worried about the fans being disappointed or angry with my sequels. A weird kind of pressure and a good one to have.
These latest releases have nothing to do with my current series, but…

But, Daryn's Slayer in Crimson Anthology introduces a world that's swirling in my head, waiting its turn, wanting to break out. If it's received well by my readers, I'll definitely be writing a full length novel in the same world. So be sure to tell me on my FB, Twitter, my website (be sure to not look like spam! I just cleared out over1k spam comments with over 2500 to go :S), anywhere you want to. If you've read Daryn's Slayer already, then feel free to comment here as well.

Serviced Anthology has my short Over a Dead Body and is a thriller with some fun characters. I don't plan on doing any series out of it, but I'll likely do another thriller. It was sure fun to write that one! The War of the Weres series has a bit of thriller and suspense in it, so I get a little bit of a fix for it.
I'm excited and thrilled to have the two anthologies release at the same time and can't wait to hear what the readers have to say!

So why not check out the fantastic new books!

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  1. Thanks for having me ;) I'm happy to answer any questions readers might have :)