Sunday, 17 March 2013

#SexySnippets from The Nuthouse Scribblers

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all and welcome to another Sunday of Sexy Snippets from The Nuthouse Scribblers.

This week I am giving you a taste on a new piece, well actually a follow on book to Guardian Awakening. This book is called Guardian Possession and I hope it come to a publisher near you soon! (Fingers Crossed)
It is Royanne's story, daughter of Romy and Essen. In this excerpt she has an encounter with Zachriel, who you will learn much more about in the book!

Here are your seven sentences.

Fire met ice. She kissed him back with equal force, which surprised him. Did this Guardian actually want him? Her hands drifted to his hips and he felt her grip fight and bring him closer into her. Oh hell, she tasted so good. He let his tongue play with her lips then dart between them until she parted those sweet lips to let his tongue invade her mouth. She was wet and warm just as he hoped she would be when his cock entered her. 

Hope you liked those seven. I am hoping the publisher does too! Will let you know what they say when I find out!

In the meantime you might want to read the first book in the series and here it is.


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Have fun everyone!