Sunday, 31 March 2013

#SexySnippets from The Nuthouse Scribblers

Welcome to another delicious Sunday of Sexy Snippets.

This week I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited.

The first ever story I wrote is being released on FRIDAY!!!!

It is part of the third book in The Blood Bar Chronicles that WE as The Nuthouse Scribblers wrote! (published by Breathless Press)

Book 1 The Alphas and Book 2 The Protectors are all available already so why not check them out.

Here is our cover and I must say I sure do love that man!

Sexy Snippet at the ready!

"Kyla, listen to me. We need to talk." His voice was insistent.
She opened her eyes, hearing him, but not listening. Her hands reached out on their own accord, and her fingertips brushed his chest, gliding over his nipples and travelling down. Her brain fought the instinct to touch, yet her body ached to touch him.
"Oh God, you're killing me here!" Logan growled.

Here is the Blurb of my story called Logan's Captive.

Meeting Logan at The Blood Bar revealed more about Kyla than she ever thought possible. Can she cope with the new person that emerges?

Guess what? It is already up on Breathless Press and All Romance eBooks.
Here's the links for you to go check them out:

Breathless Press

All Romance Ebooks

I will leave you with the other yummy  covers!


  1. Delicious. I forget that was your first story, Michaela. Exciting times indeed :-)

  2. I love this... a fabulous story and a great excerpt

  3. Well done for taking the leap, Michaela. Def exciting times. :)

  4. Love this snippet - and the cover!