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Every Second Counts for Arya Grey #newrelease #evernightpublishing

Hello everyone! How are you on this fine hump-day? Yeah, yeah, I know…silly question. Well, hopefully I can bring a little colour to your day. Michaela has so kindly allowed me to take-over her blog today and I thought I'd talk about a major subject within my brand new release, "Vintage Ink — Every Second Counts".

That's right…tattoos. 

Every Second Counts revolves around proud owner and artist at Vintage Ink, Faye "Lux" Prescott. She has been in the business for just over ten years and lives for the art.

With a few friends in the business and enough tattoos to know a little bit about it, I had a lot of fun writing the ins and outs of a busy shop (not to mention hours of surfing the web and looking at all the amazing pieces that people have). It's no wonder I went and got myself three tattoos all within a month, after writing it. Easily one of the biggest addictions I've ever encountered and as I continue this Series I can only imagine how many I'll end up with. I'm currently sitting at 11.

Tattoos mean a lot of things to everyone. To some it's a mutilation of the body (my gran's point of view!), to others it's a symbol of overcoming something in their lives, and others it's simply the love for the art, or both. Every one of my tattoos has special meaning to me. Whether it be a memory or something important in my day-to-day life. How can you regret something that is just…you?

There's nothing worse than hearing the words, "What about when you're older?" What about it? I'd like to think I'll love my tattoos as they grow with age. Another terrible question is, "What will your grandkids think?" Well, first off, let's not get SO far into the future! I've got quite a long time before I think of having grandchildren, but I also believe that any child of my blood will appreciate and love me for me, regardless if crazy granny is tattooed to the nines. You only live once, and personally I like that I am a canvas.

Do you have any tattoos? If so what are they and what do they mean to you? I'd love to hear!

I'll leave you with an excerpt from "Every Second Counts". Thank you for stopping by. It was a pleasure being here. J

Her eyes searched everywhere for him, but he wasn't there. She turned on her heels, preparing to return to Jackson and Raven, when she slammed into skin and muscle.
His wooded musk smell danced around Faye's senses and she breathed it in. She knew before looking up that it was Brody she'd walked into. Heat and blood flushed her cheeks immediately. She pressed her hands on his chest in an attempt to move away but gasped quietly as she felt his physique below. "I… Hi, Brody," she managed to say.
"Why hello, Faye. It's so nice to see you again. Up close and personal, too." His breath was tainted lightly with whisky. Stubble had started to grow in a shadow on his face. Faye gave them some distance, but Brody closed it again. "I'm glad you came. I wasn't sure you would."
"Uhm…yeah. No, I'm really excited to see you play, actually. Showtime soon, right?" Faye allowed her gaze to fall on his, but their intensity made her feel so tiny.
"We're on in twenty. Would you like a drink?"
"I thought you'd never ask," Faye said with a sigh of relief. She wasn't an alcoholic, but it certainly calmed her nerves. If you could call this nerves. It felt entirely different from anything she'd experienced. Something about Brody sent her into an unknown territory.
"What's your poison?" he asked. He leaned across the bar on one arm.
The motion pulled his shirt collar out, and Faye couldn't help a peak beneath the cotton. And damn, she hadn't been disappointed. He was not only ripped to male perfection but was heavily tattooed beneath his clothes. In that moment she'd forgot that he asked her about a drink. When she looked up the twinkle in his eye and the smirk in the corner of his mouth told Faye he knew perfectly well what she'd just done. Oh my God…shoot me now! "Bourbon, straight. One ice cube. Please."
"Good choice. I like a girl that drinks the hard stuff." He turned to the bartender. "Another of that single malt and the best bourbon you have, on the rock. Singular." Brody turned fully to Faye, still leaning on the bar. "I hate to be so blunt, but are you single?"
"You hate being blunt? Funny, you strike me as the kinda guy who loves to be blunt." Faye was rather impressed with her answer. Not one but two full sentences was better than blabbing incoherent words at the most gorgeous man she'd ever laid eyes on.
"What makes you think that?" He smiled and again it weakened Faye by the knees.
"Confidence oozes from your pores. Everything about you is confident. I envy it, actually."
"Why wouldn't you be confident? Look at you, you're gorgeous."
"Thanks. You're not so bad yourself." Faye returned the smile this time as the bartender handed her a glass.
"I'll take that as a yes to being single, then. And a killer smile, too. Fuck, I'll never concentrate tonight with you in the crowd."
"Should I hide myself from view?" Faye found that first ounce of confidence came within the first glorious sip of Jack—which she knew would be their best bourbon. It wasn't called a Kentucky Panty Dropper for nothing.
"No, I'd like to know you're watching." He slid his drink across the bar and moved closer to Faye. His leg touched her thigh, but instead of moving away, she pressed in, testing her luck. What came next, she really hadn’t expected. 


Faye "Lux" Prescott has one passion in her life, her thriving tattoo business in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. Creating art and working with her friends for a living — who has time or need for a man in her life?
All that changes when Brody Cameron walks into "Vintage Ink". The enigmatic stranger is booked for an impressive tattoo and Faye finds herself falling head over heels in lust — or is that love?
Brody's life has been tough, however, and when he reveals his secrets, can Faye help him move forward, or is their budding relationship doomed before it has even begun?

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  1. I love a tattoo, you know me!!!

  2. I finished the book last night. It is great. Arya has a way of getting into the lives of Lux and Brody quickly and you like them straight away.

  3. I haven't got one yet, but I fully intend to get one for my fiftieth birthday. I want to grow old disgracefully ;-)

  4. Did I tell I love your book cover, Arya! And the book looks like great fun too. I look forward to reading it.