Sunday, 23 December 2012

A different kind of gift.

A friend suggested a gift exchange in the form of a 250 word flash.

So Merry Christmas Matt.


Has she done as I commanded? Matt strode along the hotel corridor. The beige anonymous surroundings suited his purpose tonight. What started out as an anonymous liaison had turned into something else, something more personal. The teasing, flirting and occasional glimpses of enticing, smooth skin had been fun at first. She had called the shots but now it was his turn. He had played the waiting game, the 'friend', the sympathetic ear but now he wanted more, in fact he wanted all of her.

217. The door he was looking for. Matt pulled the key card out of his jean pocket, pushed the plastic card into the slot and waited. Instantly, a flash of green told him he had access to the room. The metal door handle was cold as he pushed the door open.

Dim lights greeted him. First command obeyed. He closed the door behind him and stepped slowly along the small passageway into the main area where a freshly made bed dominated the room. There on the floor, right next to the bed with her back to the entrance she sat. Long blonde hair fell along the length of her back but two round ass cheeks were visible. Yes, she was naked. Command two and three obeyed. Good girl.

He stood right behind her, his cock hard from the moment he saw her on her knees. It would have to wait. He placed his bag on the bed and began to unpack his toys!