Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Mid Week Tease : Shower Scene #MatedForever @Evernightpub #MWTease

Welcome to Mid Week Tease.

Today I am teasing you with the sight of Lou in the shower...will Jorie give into temptation and join the dusky beauty?

The excerpt is take from my newest book, Mated Forever.

The noise of the shower interrupted her thoughts. Jorie fisted her hands and gritted her teeth. Then, with decisive steps, she walked through the bedroom to the bathroom. The door was ajar, almost inviting her in. Once inside, the hot steam fogged her vision. Her eyes adjusted quickly, and she made out water cascading over golden brown skin. Rivulets journeyed their way down the perfect body, which was all curves. Jorie wanted to stroke Lou’s round ass, and kiss it all over. She stretched out her hands. Her skin tightened, and heat radiated throughout her body. She knew exactly what was happening. Her wolf begged to be let out to play with her mate.
Breathing deeply, Jorie stepped forward. The steam cleared at little more and Lou turned around. Jorie stared at Lou's round breasts topped off with dark chocolate nipples, and licked her lips. Lou glanced up. Her eyes deepened then a ring of copper formed around her pupils. Lou continued to soap her body. Jorie watched Lou's hand circle down to her bare pussy with the sponge. Her own pussy ached with need. Lou dropped the sponge and leaned her body into the water, washing the suds off her skin. Jorie wanted to touch her so badly.

Will Jorie just look or will she step forward and touch too? 

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