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Why did I create this book? From the Outback - Ann B Harrison
It's funny how I get my ideas, well to me it is anyway. Some days I will be out walking and I'll see something as simple as a horse standing in the paddock and images will start racing through my mind like a movie reel. Other days it could be a song on the radio.
We had lived in the middle of the desert in Queensland, Australia for eight years and it was time for a move. It is beautiful up there but very barren and dry. It's also miles from anywhere and a two day drive to a decent big town which can be more painful than a fun road trip. I was just a little bit over it.
My hubby and I decided to take a drive to the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, close to Sydney. What a contrast to where we were living! The rolling green hills, gardens I could only dream about having one day and the world famous vineyards took my breath away.
It didn't take long for my characters to knock on my brain and tell me they wanted to come along for the ride. From the Outback was born as we drove into the tree filled town that would become our new home.
It just so happened that Sami, my heroine inherited a farm in the prime wine growing area and I had to do some research. Oh my, that wasn't a hardship at all. There is so much to do here and way too many wines for me to sample.
Once I had settled in it was easy to get the book to flow. Thankfully on the days I struggled, there was plenty of encouragement in the scenery around our picturesque town to get the creative juices flowing again.

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