Friday, 9 May 2014

A Moment in Time. #FFF @MichaelaRhua

Welcome to Flasher Fiction Friday. 

Each writer always has a different take on the picture, but can something meaningful be crafted in 100 words? Well that is always the challenge. Here is mine so you be the judge.

A Moment In Time.

How can this be that she is here before me? Her life was extinguished before my eyes. I saw it, I know I did. Yet she is there in my court, kneeling at my throne. Her almond eyes are warm and soft. She remembers every shared moment we had, every touch. Her lips are full and look as soft as ever. How can the past be so present? So now I stand before you my gold protector, my symbol of strength – do I put my love to death for treason or accept her back to me?

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