Friday, 8 January 2016

Stereotype Domme...Not The Real Me. @MichaelaRhua #FFF #Domme

Welcome to Flasher Fiction Friday. 
This is my first Flash in a very long time!

Each writer always has a different take on the picture, but can something meaningful be crafted in 100 words? Well that is always the challenge. Here is mine so you be the judge.

Not The Real Me.

This is what they have come to see. Me. This me clad in leather, in control, in charge of these three willing subs on their knees, wanting more than they are willing to admit to the real world. But here they are protected, allowed to be free.

Is this me? No. This is a role I play for those who can afford to pay to see me. I will be on good form tonight and these subs will cry out as my whip lands on their lily white flesh and they edge closer and closer to that place where they fly.

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  1. Wow, this is an interesting piece you took, explaining about the character's role sell fantasy. I love what you did, and it's too bad this flash only allows 100 words.

  2. So great to have you back, Michaela. Loved your take on this :-)

  3. I like how you made it about the internal of one character. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very sexy flash and excellently written

  5. Mmmm love your choice of words, awesome flash!

  6. Interesting translation of the image. Great flash.