Friday, 11 January 2013

Book Spotlight on Stand and Deliver: Tales of the Highwayman by Marie Medina.

In the spotlight today is a great new book by Marie Medina called Stand and Deliver: Tales of the Highwaymen.

Well how do I describe this book...hmm how about ...think of those dark and mysterious Highwaymen, waiting in the shadows to take whatever they want from those passing by. In those traditional tales we see women falling at their feet, objecting to the high handed treatment they are getting but secretly wanting a kiss and to be ravaged.

Do you get the picture?
Marie's book is even better, with a sexy Highwayman who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, only this time Eloise might not be the damsel in distress!

Read the Blurb...

Eloise thought being whisked to another dimension by a handsome man would be a fantasy come true, but the gorgeous nobleman in question can’t even make her come. As she tries to figure out how to free herself of him, she begins to notice a masked man following her wherever she goes.

In this world of lords and ladies, should she be afraid when this dashing highwayman rides up and demands that she be delivered into his arms? Her brain tells her to be wary, but her body tells her that the ultimate fantasy might be within reach after all…

The cover is superb - look....

Ready for a tasty bite?

Adam watched Eloise closely. They were in one of the bedrooms of the abandoned Trancy manor, which served as Gerard’s home and headquarters. He had tied her, very loosely, to a chair with silk scarves. She’d made no effort to free herself. The looks she’d given him and the heaving of her breasts told him she was aroused, but he could tell she was embarrassed by it and trying to fight it.
“You aren’t screaming or trying to run away, my lady. I believe you’ve been looking forward to this meeting.”
She searched his eyes. “You’re no ordinary highwayman. I know your voice. You must have been at one of Theodore’s parties.”
Though he was glad she at least knew his voice, it bruised his ego a bit she couldn’t properly place it. “You’re right. I have only been a highwayman for a month. And there is only one treasure I have wanted to steal.”
Her eyes widened. “Really?”
He walked over to her and caressed her cheek, enjoying the feel of her trembling. “Yes.”
“There are easier ways to attract a lady’s attention.”
He went down on one knee and cupped her cheek more fully. “Like this?” He captured her lips, taking advantage of her gasp to fully ravish her mouth. She stiffened, but he held fast, and soon she melted in the embrace. She was breathless when he let her go.
The game he was now playing seemed to arouse her even more. “I believe I have your attention now.” He dipped his head down to kiss her neck. Then lower. He tightened his grip on her shoulder as his lips neared her breasts. Her heart pounded in her chest as his lips caressed the tops of the soft mounds. “Are you frightened, my lady?”
“That is a trick question.”
He looked up at her. “Is it?”
“You’re very good at seduction, but you’re also a kidnapper.” She took a labored breath. “And I’m a goddamned fool for not wanting you to stop.”
He laughed, though he could see in her eyes that she was a little afraid, despite her body’s reaction to him. “Perhaps, Eloise, your heart knows you shouldn't fear me. Don’t be angry at my little deception.” He untied his mask and let it slip from his face.

Sounds good doesn't it. Well the good news is there are TWO more books in the series so if one taste is not enough then you will be able to go back for more! I guarantee you will!

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