Sunday, 6 January 2013

#SexySnippets from The Nuthouse Scribblers

Welcome to the first #SexySnippets, part of the many things The Nuthouse Scribblers have in store for you this year.

This is a new experience for me so here are my seven sentences. They come from our first self publishing venture called Wine and Nine.

This is from Shona's story.

Malky followed, his large frame towering over her. He pulled the tie loose and moved his hand to her naked breast. Shona's breath quickened, she didn't know what to do. His hand was surprisingly warm against her cold skin as he stroked her breast, then flicked her nipple with his fingers. A groan escaped her lips as she delighted in his touch. It had been so long since a man had touched her, and she realized how needy she really was. She looked into his dark eyes and moisture gathered in her pussy. 

So what do you think? Has that whetted your appetite?

Here is the blurb.

Magic Mac and his Mystery tours, the brochure said. What it didn't tell the participants of this coach trip is that the quaint Scottish Inn they stopped at held a secret.
When you add women, wine, and men the outcome is never certain. Will it be happy ever after or is this just the beginning?
Find out in these nine scorching erotic short stories, guaranteed to raise a kilt or two.

Well why not check the book out. It is available from Amazon right now.

Want more? Well here are the other authors who are sharing their Sexy Snippets!
I am sure you'll love each one!


  1. Wow! I've got Wine and Nine on my kindle ready to go!!


    1. Great Dee. I read it all through whilst travelling and LOVED it. Each story differs from the other. I know I am a little biased!

  2. Looks like he's ready to provide for her needs. Steamy snippet, Michaela. :)

  3. OH yes... whetted appetite! Phew