Sunday, 30 June 2013

Guardian Possession #SexySnippets #newrelease @Breathlesspress

Welcome to another addition of Sexy Snippets. 

Each Sunday we give you a taste of 7 sexy sentences from our work, whether published or not.

Today my snippet comes  Guardian Possession,  which was published on 28th June by Breathless Press.

Ready for a snippet?

Maybe Zach felt her uncertainty because she felt his warm hand on her shoulder, stroking her gently. She reached out her hand and brushed his hair out of the way, hooking the strands behind his ear. With tentative fingers, she traced the scar down his face, then leaned across and planted soft kisses following the line of the cut. She heard Zach breathe out unsteadily.
"I have to know." Royanne spoke though her kisses.
"Know what?" asked Zachriel.
"Was it just mind possession, or do you really want me?" Royanne looked into his dark eyes. 

Wondering what he'll say? You'll have to read it to find out.

Here is the blurb...

Zachriel wants payback. Royanne wants freedom. Capturing her reveals his past. Can these two demons find love and a future together? 

Royanne longs to be free of everyone's expectations. Meeting a mysterious stranger who she is drawn to confuses her. He feeds her longing to be free and ignites a fire inside of her. She is aroused by this tortured soul. When he kidnaps her and reveals his plan, she is torn between loathing him and wanting him. 

Zachriel is under orders from the Dark Master—kidnap Guardian demon Royanne. Only hiding away until the coast is clear draws him closer to her, especially as she seems to see the real man in him. 

Rescued at last, Royanne feels uncertain what to do. For Zachriel his past is revealed and he must face the truth. This truth cuts to his very soul and makes him question who he really is. Now he must come to terms with the lie that has been his life. Royanne fights her feelings for Zachriel. She begins to see him as a kindred spirit. There is only one thing to do: reveal her love for him. Can she convince him her feelings are real and he is worth loving?

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