Sunday, 2 June 2013

#SexySnippets from @thenuthousescribblers #wip

Welcome to another addition of Sexy Snippets. 

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Today's snippet come from a wip called Branded Forever. It is my first foray into a male/male romance. So tell me if this scene works?

Ezra's breath warm against his neck stirred hidden feelings. Then the touch of his mouth in exactly the same place melted his reserve. Donal turned and pinned Ezra to the wall, holding the man at arms length. A smile played on Ezra's lips, like the cat who was about to get the cream.
"You want this?" Donal asked.
Ezra's nod was all the answer he needed.
Donal grabbed Ezra by the neck and brought his mouth to his, in a kiss that marked and claimed.

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  1. Fabulous snippet Micheala, and very sexy, too. The chemistry between them definitely works!

  2. Oh yes, that definitely works :-)

  3. Hello Donal, think I'm going to have to see more of you ;)

  4. Marked and that! Thanks for the snippet, Michaela :)

  5. I loved the last line "marked and claimed". Great snippet!

  6. Sure, it works. You certainly are not taking the safe route, girl. I look forward to reading this. ;)