Sunday, 4 August 2013

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Welcome to another addition of Sexy Snippets. 

Each Sunday we give you a taste of 7 sexy sentences from our work, whether published or not.

Today my snippet comes  7 Sinful Secrets,  which was published on 2nd August by Evernight Publishing.

Now, this is an anthology with a difference. All the 7 stories feature married couple, yep MARRIED. After all we like our fun too!

Here are your 7 sentences from my story called Domination  Dreams.

He couldn't move. The handcuffs attached each side of the headboard rendered him helpless. A sharp slap to his ass stung as a warning against movement. Damn, that would earn him a further flogging. His ass was already burning after the last one. The tingling sensation subsided after the slap, and the cold leather-gloved hand of his Mistress soothed the after-burn.
"Now, let’s really see what this ass can take," she whispered from behind him.

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