Sunday, 30 November 2014

#SexySnippets from Moon Dance @MichaelaRhua #ComingSoon

Welcome to Sexy Snippets.

Each week we tease you with 7 sentences from our work.

Today my Sexy Snippet is from my new FF Paranormal book Moon Dance - published by Evernight Publishing. Soon to be at an eBook store near you.

 Here are your 7 sentences. (Unedited) In this bit Raya and her friend are eyeing the girls around them at a local bar.

Raya eyed the woman at the bar and decided this was one time she would not  be  stepping back. The girl had honeyed skin with long, dark hair which fell down her back and she was playing with the stem of her glass as though she was nervous.  She certainly wasn't dressed to be picked up. All floral and long, which Raya could see covered generous curves. Perfect. Now all Raya needed to do was get her alone.
"You're going to need to step aside this time Misty." Raya stood in front of her friend and glared.

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