Wednesday, 3 December 2014

#MWTease from Moon Dance #comingsoon @evernightpub #ff #shifter

Hey there folks. This is my very first Mid Week Tease so you could say I'm a MWTease virgin! Hahahahaha.

Anyhoo I thought I would tease you with a little bit of girly fun from my new book Moon Dance which is coming soon from Evernight Publishing.

Here is your tease (Unedited)
Have you ever watched your best mate cock up big time trying to call up someone they fancy for a date? Well here it is:

"She's not dating Drea."
"What?" Raya was not sure what Misty meant.
"They are good friends, like you and me. Drea and Amari are not dating. Drea did say that Amari had just been through a tough break up and was still a little tender about it all. You're gonna need to go slow." Misty pulled out the paper and waved it in front of Raya.
Raya grabbed it straight away. That was just the news she needed.
"Remember go slow oh and another thing." Misty took a sip of her juice, "Drea said Amari is different."
"Different? Like she's got three breasts or what?"
"Oh, you wish! Anyway Drea just popped that in." Misty nudged her. "Go on, call."
"What now?"
"Duh, yeah like now or I will do it." Misty made to grab the paper out of Raya's fingers who swiftly moved it out of the way.
"Okay, okay," Raya groaned at Misty.
Raya opened the small piece of paper and read the number and address a few times. She took a deep breath and pulled out her phone to dial the number. Her fingers shook as she tapped in the digits. Nerves? That didn't usually happen. For Raya this was important, not quite life or death, but important nevertheless.
Misty pulled out her arm and looked at her watch, pulling a face. Raya tried again and managed to make her fingers work as they should. Raya listened for the dial tone and when it rang out she promptly hung up.
"What happened?" Misty asked.
"It rang."
"Err, yeah, that's what it's supposed to do. Then the person picks up and you talk." Misty mimed at her.
Raya followed Misty's instructions and this time did not hang up when it connected.
"Dammit! It's gone to voicemail," Raya said. When the automated message ended Raya left a brief message, "Hi, err, this is Raya. We met on Saturday night…at the bar. I wondered if you were okay? Thought I'd call." Then she promptly hung up.
"Oh, that was awesome, just awesome. So eloquent and seductive. NOT." Misty backhanded Raya's arm. "I can't watch the 'Mistress of Pick Up' any longer. Catch you later." 

Hope you liked that. Here is the cover with my girls!

Why not hop along and see what other tasty treats the authors have in store for you...

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