Sunday, 7 December 2014

#SexySnippets from Moon Dance @MichaelaRhua #ComingSoon

Welcome to Sexy Snippets. 

Each week we tease you with 7 sentences from our work. 

Today my Sexy Snippet is from my new FF Paranormal book Moon Dance - published by Evernight Publishing. Soon to be at an eBook store near you.

Here are your 7 sentences - Unedited.
We find our two girls sharing their first dance.

Once on the dance floor, Raya turned and caught Amari's hand and pulled her a little closer. Amari looked surprised.

"Someone with drinks behind you," Raya leaned closer to speak directly into Amari's right ear. At that moment, she inhaled; taking in Amari's scent deep into her lungs. Clean, fresh tones with a hint of jasmine fragrance filled her completely, causing her stomach to clench in a way it had not done before. Heck, this was something else. 

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