Sunday, 14 December 2014

#SexySnippets from Moon Dance @MichaelaRhua #ComingSoon

Welcome to Sexy Snippets. 

Each week we tease you with 7 sentences from our work. 

Today my Sexy Snippet is from my new FF Paranormal book Moon Dance - published by Evernight Publishing. Soon to be at an eBook store near you.

Here are your 7 sentences - Unedited.
Raya is moving in for that first kiss.

Raya watched her brown eyes sparkle as she giggled. It was beautiful, even the sound of her voice was like music to Raya's ears. She reached out and stroked Amari's cheek.
"Hmm, silky soft." Raya leaned forward and met no resistance.
Amari's pink, plump lips looked inviting. Raya brushed hers 

lightly across Amari's who parted them slightly and her hand

 went to Raya's waist. 

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