Sunday, 21 July 2013

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Welcome to another addition of Sexy Snippets. 

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Today my snippet comes from a new story called Perfect Set up. It will be on The Nuthouse Scribblers blog page as part of our Summer short story free reads. Each story is based around a Circus

My story is about love, longing and a set up. Gigi, the clown hides behind her makeup but Hugo, the Bear Shifter sees her and desires her. But how does he get close to someone who hides away all the time?

Ready for a snippet?

The weight of the two cubs nearly toppled her over until she was grabbed by strong arms and pulled against a warm body.
"Be careful, these two are great wrestlers, they got me." Hugo's deep voice fanned her neck.

Gigi's spine tingled, in a way she had not felt for a long time. Straightening up, she turned and looked up into brown eyes that had flecks of amber. She thought she felt his arms tighten slightly. Her throat felt dry all of a sudden. 

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