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When the Fur Flies - Breathless Press Blog Share @AshleyKelliea @breathlesspress

Hello Michaela, I first want to thank you for having me guest on your blog to celebrate Breathless Press's Birthday! I am a relatively new author. Breathless Press gave me an opening to share my love for writing, romance, and storytelling. In a short time the editors and authors there have become like a second family to me. I love how supportive they are of their authors. So, I wish BP a great birthday with chocolate cake, yummy ice cream, and loads of toppings!

Now, a little about me and my publications! 

I am from upstate New York, surrounded by rivers, forests, and small towns. I live in the lovely city of Ogdensburg on the St. Lawrence river. I've been happily married to my husband, Josh for a year this month. I guess we are still newlyweds, though I feel like I've loved him forever! We have two furbabies, a cat named Copperkins and a mutt named Sampson. They are the sweetest. Though Copperkins has a habit of sitting on my lap while I'm writing(yes she's here right now). She also likes to play on my computer while I sleep, which is why I end up deleting pages and pages in the mornings. One of these days I expect she'll learn to write herself!

I currently have one e-book out titles, Winter Gifts. I've had some very good reviews on it, thank you readers. Sending bug hugs to you!

On July 12th my first book in my Sisters of Fate series titled When the Fur Flies. It is currently on preorder on the Breathless Press website. Below is a sneak peak at it and I hope everyone likes it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

In a world where immortals are bound by the Tri-Species Treaty, there is little hope for a happy ending between a Wolven and a Witch, unless the Sisters of Fate take a stand.
            More than a little fur flies when an Alpha Wolven mistakenly mates a Witch, whose cat form is running low on lives. Allison Carver is a Witch on a mission to save humanity from the two species of immortals who prey upon them. She finds herself in trouble when she steals the Vampire Elder's intended bride and the blame for the abduction lands right at Alpha Reginald Leclair's feet. She finds herself shaking in her black fur with more than her tail at stake when Reginald's Wolf chooses her as a mate. The idea of interspecies mating wasn't so much ignored by the writers, but seemed unfathomable. After all, when cats and dogs play, more can fly than fur…
Sneak peak of When the Fur Flies…
"Where are we going? Reginald?" He didn't as much as look back at her. Her legs hurt as he didn't even slow his steps to accommodate her shorter stride. When they were far from the sounds of the pack readying themselves for the hunt, he stopped to turn toward her. Allison bit her lip nervously as he continued to stare at her. His thoughts were weirdly guarded from her, but she could feel the waves of anger and frustration coming off his body.
"I won't apologize for what I did." She knew it was the wrong thing to say the instant his eyes dilated and he moved. The hard bark of the tree bit into her back and shoulders as he shoved her up against it with a violence that was barely controlled.
"Do you even know what you did, Allison?" The way his white teeth flashed and his voice growled at her should have scared her, but it was the use of her name that terrified her. A shiver ran up her spine as she looked up into the face of rage. "I could change right now. My Wolf wants out. He wants to dominate you so hard you won't ever question me again."
She flinched as his fist hit the tree beside her head. Bark flew off the tree at the impact, telling her exactly how much anger he was holding back. It should have made her want to run as far from his animal as she could get, but instead her body was humming and hot, leaning toward his hardness like it was drawn to him. And it was because the mating heat was returning in full force, stronger than before in the urge to be one with her mate. She needed him, but not like this. Not with his anger standing between them.
"Change, then." She stared up at him defiantly. "Let him have me, because this is who I am, Reginald. I'm strong headed and willful. I won't be a weak little bitch who follows your every word. I make my own choices for my life."
"You are my mate! I can't lose you."
"You don't own me!" she screamed back at him. She clenched her teeth, fighting the need to release the build-up of energy within her. Thunder cracked across the dark sky above them.
"That's where you're wrong, Allison. You are mine!" His mouth came down on hers with a bruising force. He sank his fingers into her hair, holding her head immovable as he ravaged her mouth.
She was burning alive and loving every minute of it. Allison made short work of the buttons on the white shirt he'd pulled on after his fight. One hard pull and they popped off in all directions to land in the scattered clumps of grass and dirt on the forest floor. His head snapped back as her nails dug into his biceps.
"That's right, Alpha. You're not the only one who likes to leave your mark on your property." She dropped her hands to the button on his pants, but he quickly captured her wrists, pulling them up next to her head on the tree.
"Like it rough, do you, mate? Well, you've got the right Wolf for the job." He grinned as he quickly turned her. Allison gasped as she was pushed up against the tree. "Who do you belong to? Who is responsible for you? Who will you obey from now on? Say it, Kitten." His words were at her ear, his breath warm against her neck as he moved her hair with his chin to lick over the mark he'd given her.

When the Fur Flies can be preordered now on Breathless Press's website. It will be released for sale on July 12th at, All Romance e-books,, and the Breathless Press website. Book two of the Sisters of Fate, Bitten By Magic, will be out later this year in August. On July 19th I also have a contemporary romance out titled, Anne's Legacy. If you like sweet romance with a hint of sexy, you'll want to check this out as well.

To contact Kelliea Ashley: Twitter- @AshleyKelliea. -blog.

Thank you so much Michaela for hosting me today. I have really enjoyed joining you and I hope to do this again sometime soon! I hope everyone has a fun, safe, and happy summer! Wishing Breathless Press many, many more birthdays to come!:) 

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