Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Raven Takeover...It aint what you do. @RavenMcAllan #newrelease

Blog takeover by Raven McAllan! ('s okay she is calmer this week)

All together sing in tune It's not what you do it's the way that you do it, that's what gets results…
Or maybe it should be—sorry Bananarama —It's not what you pimp it's the way that you pimp it.
Constant promo, and what to do about it?
Now you are welcome to roll your eyes, and go and make coffee, but I'm betting I'm not the only one who gets fed up with seeing the same people pimp the same stuff ad nauseam.
Please don't get me wrong, I want to know about what my favorite authors have out next, who is new and excited, (and might become a favorite author) who has a five star (or a one star review), and yes I would like reminding about exciting things like that. Occasionally. Like once a day. Or via four or five different groups not ten or twenty.
Yeah, I'm sure I'm not the only person in a lot of groups, so a mass "tell all the groups I'm in" floods my feed on Fb, twitter etc. Hey we're all guilty of it especially when we're uber-excited, but stand back and smell the daisies a minute. If it annoys you, it's a sure thing it'll annoy others. I realized it did get me mumpy, and stopped to think. Hmm, right then. Ditch the info Raven, and drip-feed it.
The thing is, is that what to do? We're constantly told about the importance of promo. How we need to engage with our readers. And I totally agree. Because if we don't shout it from the rooftops who else will know to?
See a dilemma.
What exactly is engage? How do we hit that fine line of enough and not overkill?
For a while I got so paranoid, I was scared to post anything. Then I worried about what days I could post what, and where. A minefield. For myself, I wrote a list of what where and how. And did my best to use it judiciously.
I hope I've got it about right. (Feel free to slap me down, shout at me and tell me I haven't.) I still get concerned that it's too much, especially like this week when I have two books out on consecutive days. Yeah, yet again it's the 'Raven and the London Bus' scenario. Nothing for ages and two at once.
That's where guest blogs are so brilliant. You'll get the ohhh I have a guest post on Fb etc, but you don't have to read them.
Looks around
Maybe I'm rabbiting on to myself. You all have gone to make the coffee, scratch the cat behind the ears, walk the dog, or make love with your S.O.
So okay, this is today's pimpage from me.

And I'm going to be gentle with you.

On Thursday 21st, Peregrine's Prize, book 5 of Behind Closed Doors, (The Gretton Family Saga) is available from

It's an editors pick, and she said…It's like Jane Austen but with great sex added…
Regency, and here's the blurb
They called him Prosy Perry.
Anyone who really knew him—like Maggie did—understood that was a fa├žade to protect his secrets.
When danger threatened his family, and his lover, he dropped the role and the real Peregrine emerged.
Now all he had to do was unmask the traitor and live happily ever after.
Was it going to happen or was he destined to be alone again?

And on Friday  the first student of Miss Simpkins School enrolls at

Regency again.

Miss Simpkin's School—Flora.
Miss Simpkins' School. Where seduction's the game, and success is the aim. Let your classes commence.
Ex mistress to an Earl, who better than Molly Simpkins to show Flora how to ensure she gets what she needs from her marriage?
Flora's intended has idea she doesn't agree with. Angus thinks she should be happy to live at their Scottish estate whilst he spends his time in London.
It may be the way of the ton, but it isn't going to be Flora's way. This is her chance to show Angus what he'd miss if he leaves her alone. There's only one thing, she doesn't know how.
Luckily Miss Simpkins does.
And if you haven't had enough of me, you can pop over to my web to find out about my books and my blog.

Thanks for reading (if you did)
Love R x

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