Friday, 17 May 2013

Guest post by @CherieNicholls

Hi All,

Thanks Michaela for letting me drop by!

It's just a flying visit really, which is the theme for my whole life right now. There never seems to be enough time to do everthing you want to do.

I'm having to fit writing in around everything else and that's really hard work. But I guess that it can pay off 'cause, that's how Tracing his Heart came about.......

My work schedule was killing me and I was stuck in the middle of writers block so I decided to word dump....never done that? ....give it a's when you simply let the words flow and don't worry about story or theme or structure you just let your fingers wizz over the keys and see where it leads.

I managed to write the whole of this book in a day....yeah I know 8k in words in one day! I nearly died.

Then when the call came from a series of short stories from Liquid Silver I couldn't help by send it over.

My word dump is now proudly part of Under A Moonlit Night short story collection that was released this week:


Carter Jones, known as Jones to his friends, lost part of his soul a long time ago. He
had to make a choice between his pack and his heart, a choice that has haunted him and
his wolf for years.

Rhea Gracefield, Domme, business woman, and lone wolf, was forced out of her pack when the wolf she loved told their secret.

What happens when Jones finds his way in to the Domme’s Domain?


“What made you ever think you could come into my club, Carter Jones, without having to deal with me?” she said barely above a whisper.
“Rhea,” he said on a breath.
With quick force she reached down and slapped his butt, making him jump.
“This,” she tugged at the white ribbon, “means you get to call me Mistress, boy.”
“Yes, Mistress,” he answered automatically.
“Now tell me. Did you really think you wouldn’t have to pay the price of entering my territory?” she asked with a nip on his shoulder. Maybe she was a little rougher than she would usually be, but Jones was like her. She knew what would hurt a full human would never hurt a wolf shifter, not people like them.
“I didn’t know this was your club, Mistress.” Jones answered.
Rhea slapped his butt again.
“Don’t lie to me, boy, you. I know you’d have scented me a mile off. Yet here you still are. I wonder why?” she nipped his shoulder again before licking the bite. Goose bumps rose over his skin, and Rhea smiled.
“Please.” He spoke so softly Rhea doubted those around them heard.

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See when you let your mind go, you just don't where it will lead!

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Until next time...remember.....she may be smaller than you but a Domme can have you on your knees in seconds without even lifting a finger.....just remember that.

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  1. I'm glad your story found a home, Cherie. :)