Sunday, 19 May 2013

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Welcome to another addition of Sexy Snippets. 

Each Sunday we give you a taste of 7 sexy sentences from our work, whether published or not.

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Today my snippet comes from a new soon to be published book called Her type of Guy, Anthology of Naughty stories,  published by Evernight Publishing.

It is an anthology of short stories that will tickle and tantalize your taste buds. Your snippet comes from one of my stories in it called Only When Allowed.

Here is the blurb...

Rushley-Come-Early was his nickname at college and he can't seem to get his timing right with any woman. lillian watches his everyday - this cougar decides to take him to task. Can she sort him out and give him the best night of his life or will Alex live up to his name once again?

Ready for a Snippet?

Stopping right in front of him, she lifted a finger to his face. She traced the outline of his lips and slowly down his chin. Alex was rooted to the spot. Lillian leaned into him and her warm breath fanned his ear.
"Come," she said before turning and walking away towards the lifts.
Alex did not need to think twice. He almost ran to follow his boss, ready to obey her every command. 

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  1. Fab snippet! Looking forward to the anthology :)

  2. I love a heroine who takes charge.

  3. Oh, I'm looking forward to read the full story!

  4. Interesting, a woman in charge. Fun.

  5. Micheala, mmmm, that is very sexy. I can feel the heat from here!