Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Rural Romance anyone?


When I started writing I was told 'write what you know.'

Okay, so I was born in the country and lived on farms a fair bit of my life. I know how to strain a fence, shear sheep, drench cattle, ride a horse, castrate lambs (I can hear you squealing but it's not that bad, really!). I can grow all of my own food and meat. I know how to spin my own wool from the flock of colored sheep that I used to own. I can help deliver lots and lots of baby animals and I have done so on many wet dark nights.

Surely that must mean I should be writing rural romance, right?

Well I do. Taming the Outback was my first book and Mistress for Magnus was my second release. Outback Thunder is my third rural romance and I'm working on another as we speak.

In Thunder we meet Zoe and Jonas. They were childhood sweethearts pulled apart by another girl and they both remain bitter over the breakup ten years later but for different reasons.

Zoe is called home to help run the farm after a family tragedy and the spark between her and Jonas is as strong as ever. But can they resolve the problems Zoe ran from all those years ago? Especially when she holds a secret close to her heart that could tear them apart once again.

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  1. Castrate lambs? LOL. Congrats on your new book, Ann

  2. Wow! You know how to grow all your own food and meat?! Brilliant!

    Congrats on the new story :)

  3. These sound like my sorts of books, esp. if the heroines are as competent as you seem to be.