Sunday, 12 May 2013

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Welcome to another addition of Sexy Snippets. 

Each Sunday we give you a taste of 7 sexy sentences from our work, whether published or not.

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Today my snippet comes from a new soon to be published book called Her type of Guy, Anthology of Naughty stories,  published by Evernight Publishing.
It is an anthology of short stories that will tickle and tantalize your taste buds. Your snippet comes from one of my stories in it called Snail's Pace.

Adam watched Sophie work from behind his glasses as he had done many times. He knew her routine well: tidying the shelves, restocking the popular titles, fluffing the cushions and sorting the toys. Her movements were swift; she brought order to whatever she touched. He longed for her slender hands to touch him and for those long legs to be wound around his waist as he ground into her. Her round breasts looked like they would overfill his hands.
The jangling of the bell awoke him from his daydream. That is all it was pure fantasy

Do you wonder if Adam will ever make his fantasy a reality? Well you'll have to wait and see!

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Don't forget if you buy anything from Evernight Publishing 25% of ALL website proceeds will go  in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Go grab a book and support Breast Cancer Awareness. Offer ends 15th May 2013.


  1. Ooh great snippet! Looking forward to this anthology :)

  2. Very thought provoking, Michaela. I want to know what happens next!

  3. I hope his fantasy becomes reality. Lovely.

  4. Sexy snippet! I hope he gets his fantasy! :)

  5. Great snippet, Michaela. Let's hope he's not too slow to get her ;-)