Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Mid Week Tease: Domme Pleasure #MWTease #WIP #Domme #Training

Welcome to that part of the week when you can take a break and enjoy a tease.

I thought I would share something from a WIP. It doesn't have a meaningful title as yet but sits in my documents as TRAINING.
The focus is an experienced Domme who takes a quiet mouse-like-girl under her wings. In this scene Mistress has taken Faith to a club where she gives her a little taste of who she is and how a Mistress likes to play.

"This is a free scene, where I can do what I want. Seeing as this puppy is new to me I will see what he can take." As she speaks she takes off her long coat to reveal a tight black basque that had white lace cups to hold her large breasts. The basque fits snugly and ends just as her hips begin to round. The rich, caramel skin of her neck and shoulders fully on display, though not available to touch unless she so decrees it. Her face glows with health and vitality. I wonder how soft her lips are and if her brown eyes deepen when she… No. I must not think that way in case I tempt fate. One day, if I am good I may get to find out for myself.
He sits waiting, as the Mistress goes to a set of drawers that I did not notice upon my entry. Opening one after another she lifts items then places them back. What precisely is inside is hard to see, as she has her back to me. I look across to the sub, perfectly still and I wonder what he is thinking. Is he excited or afraid? He should feel honored to have been chosen by someone so wonderful. I know the twist in my stomach is envy but I try to put this aside.
She turns not to look at me but him. "Tell me you name sub," her voice is soft.
"Michael," he says in a barely audible whisper.
Coming closer she leans forward and runs her hand up and down his back.
"Hmmm, such soft skin, unmarked too. We will have to change that. Safe word please?"
"Henry," he replies.
"Naked, bed, on your front," her tone is crisp and clear, very different to the soothing tone only a moment earlier.
Michael rises and walks towards the bed. He stops and slides his mesh briefs down and steps out of them. Picking them up, he folds and places them back on the floor, then climbs onto the bed lying down spread eagle. His skin is white; no sun has touched his skin, which is unusual as everyone rushes to the local beach daily to soak up the rays. I wonder what his story is; how he came to be here?

I hope you liked that. I'm not sure where its going as yet.

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How about a few more teases....

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