Tuesday, 3 February 2015

#MWTease Moon Bound #shifter #lesbian @MichaelaRhua

Welcome to Mid Week Tease.

My tease come from my new release Moon Bound which is set to hit the world TOMORROW 5th February - YIKES!!!

Here is your tease... Watch out, it's a hot one!

"This is weird. I feel connected to you like I want…" Sofya lurched forward, grabbed Misty's face, and kissed her with such fierce passion that Misty was knocked back to the ground. Sofya's lips were locked against hers in a way that spoke of possession. Misty was momentarily shocked into a frozen state. She was not usually the submissive one when it came to sex. However, this time, she was happy to go with the flow. Then her mind woke up and she gave her herself a kick in the butt. Get with the program. Misty pulled at Sofya's thin clothing to get her as naked as she was. Sofya obliged by moving away so Misty could take her vest top off. Underneath were two heavy breasts and curves galore that made Misty's mouth water. Dotted around Sofya's body were fading bite marks. Misty gently kissed each one to take away the hurt they had caused. Then she pulled Sofya forward to suck each erect nipple and squeeze and massage those wonderful globes of flesh. Sofya moaned every time Misty sucked her delicious nipples and those little sounds of pleasure made Misty's pussy tingle. 

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