Sunday, 1 February 2015

Moon Bound @MichaelaRhua #SexySnippets #shifter #lesbian #coming soon

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Today my Sexy Snippet is from my new FF Paranormal book Moon Bound - to be published by Evernight Publishing on 5th FEBRUARY. The book is book 2 of my Moon Maidens Series.  

"This is weird. I feel connected to you like I want…" Sofya lurched forward, grabbed Misty's face, and kissed her with such fierce passion that Misty was knocked back to the ground. Sofya's lips were locked against hers in a way that spoke of possession. Misty was momentarily shocked into a frozen state. She was not usually the submissive one when it came to sex. However, this time, she was happy to go with the flow. 

Hope you liked that. Here is the blurb:

Under the glare of the full moon, friends and foes alike meet their destiny…
Wolf shifter Misty never thought she would rescue a damsel in distress, but when she stumbles across a bloodied girl on her run, she has to act fast. An action she ought to regret when that girl turns out to be Were shifter, and thus an enemy of her pack.
Feelings cannot be denied, however, and when she meets Sofya again, the girls give into their attraction for each other.
The path to true love is never smooth and tensions rise further when Sofya's father is implicated in a shifter death.
Will this news tear the two lovers apart, and turn them into foes or can the moon bind them together to work out the truth?

Why not have a peak at book 1 - Moon Dance.

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