Monday, 5 January 2015

A magical night for a Moon Dance @MichaelaRhua @evernightpub #paranormal #lesbian #newrelease

The day is here...well it's evening now and I have been at the EDJ so not been able to enjoy sharing my new book.
Here it is:

A quick pick up and a night of sex was just what Raya was looking for. Only meeting Amari set her insides on fire and she had to have more of this Indian beauty. Witches and shifters aren’t meant to bond only Raya and Amari can’t ignore the chemistry flowing between them. Trouble strikes the lovers when a past trauma hits Raya and Amari’s mother could be to blame. Finally Raya has a chance to get even with the old witch, who destroyed her life. When that revenge reveals that Raya’s past holds secrets she wasn’t aware of, it throws into question everything she believes in. Can the lovers unite to help Raya find her true self or is it all too late?

Energy swam around them as they swayed to the music. Amari was uncertain what the track was. Some rock with a heavy baseline. Why could her brain not work out what it was? She knew a lot about music: it was her refuge when times were hard, which seemed to be constantly the case at the moment. Making friends was easy; however keeping them was another thing. Once people got close and they realized how strange she was they often walked away, which was why tonight had been odd. These two seemed to want to get to know her. Early days yet. Amari closed her eyes, letting her body drift to the music. A spark of energy hit her and her eyes shot open. Raya was talking to her again, with her hand on her shoulder.  The energy sparked again around them both. Amari was not certain what was going on. The power was not balanced; there was something else in it.
"This is a track by a band called China Dragon. I gave Lonnie their EP to broaden her collection. Do you like it?" Raya asked.
All Amari could do was turn her head and look at the hand Raya had on her shoulder. That's where the energy spark was emanating from Raya's touch. As though she sensed Amari was not comfortable, Raya let her hand slide away.
"Yeah, I like it," was all Amari could think to say. Raya looked down at her, holding her gaze. Raya's green eyes looked confused. Amari could sense her feelings; they floated to her through the air between them. What was happening? Amari knew she was sensitive to other people's thoughts or feelings, especially if they were close to her or touching although this had never happened with total strangers. Usually this bond was with family members or close friends who were open to the Craft so what was happening here was not making sense to her.
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