Sunday, 4 January 2015

#SexySnippets from Moon Dance @MichaelaRhua #firstkiss

                                Welcome to Sexy Snippets.

Each week we tease you with 7 sentences from our work. 

Today my Sexy Snippet is from my new FF Paranormal book Moon Dance - published by Evernight Publishing. The book is going to be released TOMORROW!!!!!

It's that first kiss moment!

Then she deepened the kiss. She tasted and possessed  as she let her tongue delve into Amari's mouth, where she was met with equal enthusiasm by Amari's tongue. Raya captured the tongue being offered and sucked, enjoying the wetness and the way Amari's hands grabbed at her waist, bringing their bodies closer. Raya stroked Amari's hair then fisted it in her hand. Her other hand stroked Amari's breast, which was just as she imagined, full and overflowing in her hand. Raya's pussy tingled, wanting in on the action.
A buzzing noise interrupted the moment. It was Amari's phone. 

Sorry I know that is 8 sentences!

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