Wednesday, 14 January 2015

#MWTease from Moon Dance #multicultural @evernightpub #lesbian #shifter

Welcome to Mid Week Tease.

My tease come from my new release Moon Dance.

You can find it here:

Here's your tease... A little bit of self loving going on!

Raya stretched her tired body. She needed a good run through the woods to shake off her lethargy and get her head back in the game. Raya turned over to face the window and look at the top of the trees that swayed in the breeze. Meeting Amari had been strange and wonderful at the same time. As soon as she had laid eyes on Amari the attraction was immediate and once she touched her, her mouth had watered as if she was about to eat the perfect steak. Her insides had somersaulted as soon as they had made contact and now all she could think of was having that curvy beauty tied to her bed 24-7. Raya had played around with ropes and handcuffs with others, however, right now she wanted to use those toys and anything else that would make Amari moan and writhe with pleasure.  That thought surprised even her and made her core ache.
Why not? It's been a while.
Raya reached down under the covers and found her clit ready and waiting. She hadn't had action for a while and had almost become a nun – denying her body's needs. Raya dragged her fingertips over her nether lips several times until her flesh awoke from its slumber. Little tingling sensations made her breath quicken and she felt moisture lower down. Slowly she slid one finger into that wetness, and then coated her clit.
"Oh, hello old friend."
This time she slid two fingers inside, delving deeper in and out. More moisture coated her fingers which she brought out to coat her enlarged clit and massaged it gently. That action made her clit throb and she groaned with need.

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