Friday, 16 January 2015

Feel it. #FFF @MichaelaRhua

Welcome to Flasher Fiction Friday. 

Each writer always has a different take on the picture, but can something meaningful be crafted in 100 words? Well that is always the challenge. Here is mine so you be the judge.

Feel it.

A large, familiar hand covered her eyes. She stood still as her world went dark. His warmth surrounded her in a cloak of safety.
“Hear it. Open your heart and let it flood through you.”
Each chord that was played seemed clearer. It was as though her ears were hearing the piece for the very first time. The notes reached out to her, enticing, seducing her mind. They reached into her very soul and she felt as though she were floating.
“That’s it – feel it, feel the music. Now you see what playing with your heart means.”

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